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Did your second baby arrive earlier than your first? Lock Rss


My first baby arrived one day early. I am wondering what my chances are of making it to my due date, 4th of Jan.
3 weeks to go and no name. Starting to panic.

Nope DD1 was born at 38 weeks and DS was born at 41 weeks!
Yep smile

DD1 was 10 days late when labour started and 11 days late when born.

DD2 was 5 days early.

Good luck with the name! We didn't have a boys name til 1 week before DD2 came- we didn't need it anyways!

Yes...DS was 10 days late, DD was 4 days late

Both my boys were a week over
yep my 1st was 4 days late
my 2nd 4 days early
my 3rd was almost 4 days early but she arrived 7mins past midnight so was only 3 days early

good luck i hope bubs arrives when you want & that you have a name for them too


DS 37 weeks
DD 42 weeks

DD- born 40+6

DS- went into labor 40+6, born 41weeks smile
both born on there due date.
DS1 - 40+1
DS2 - 40+2
Much better labour and birth second time around though...
Good luck smile
don't stress over not having a name, my parents couldn't agree on a name for me (boy or girl) until mum was already over due with me. I came a few days after they decided, I guess I must have known.

I have blue lagoon to thank. they were talking about Brooke Shields on the radio, that's where my parents go the name from.

Two beautiful girls, hubby working from home makes one happy mumma smile

Thanks for all the replies. I should stop wondering when baby will arrive and go read the name book again. It's so hard to decide. smile

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