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how long did it take for labour to start Lock Rss

i am 39+2 and had a show yesterday morning!!! then a bit more last nite. Ive been getting heaps of braxton hicks but no contractions!!

bubba is moving soo much, like non stop since i got up does tht mean anything?

i know everyone is different so how long did you get contractions after you had a show?

do they start of tiny and work up or start pretty bad and jus get worse?? lol

i went for a few little walks yesterday and felt a bit crampy afterwards but it didnt last long. What else can i do to get things started:

thanks smile
With DD1 i had my show on Tuesday night and went into labour on Friday morning.

DD2 no show

DS no show

Best of luck smile
I didnt go into labour for 2 weeks after my show with DS2 and I didnt have a show with DS1.

But it is different for everyone, just get plenty of rest in case it does happen soon, you need your energy saved up.
I had my show Wed and still nothing sad
aw no!

i know how u feel! im just waiting for sumthn to start....

but nothing....
grrr lol
DD didnt have a show just my waters broke at 40+6

DS i had a stretch & sweep on the wed which caused some light bleeding/my show and didnt start having contractions until the following Tuesday i went into labor and had him the next day on the Wed so a week after my show...
I had my bloody show and pretty much went into labour straight away.
Did you have a show or loose mucous plug?


Had a 'bloddy show' but i thought it was the same thing??

its my due date today! but still no baby sad
Well i'm 37 weeks today, had my show on Tues and still nothing! <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/dry.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='<_<' />
DD#1 show 2 weeks before she was due, she was 4 days overdue, so 2 wks + 4 days after show. DD#2 a big bleed which hospital told me was a show 5 weeks before due date, she came 4 days early, so 4wks+3days after show.
It's so annoying tho cuz u think finally something is happening then nothing does!!!! Best of luck to all!
With DS I never had lost my mucous plug or had a show. With my DD I started loosing my mp the day after I had a stretch and sweep at 40wks and went into labour 2.5 days later. Good luck smile

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