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Publis v's Private Lock Rss

THis is a subject which I am sure has been disscussed before but here we go again....

What costs are involved in going private v's public. Before rebates from private health insureance companies.

What are the differences in care provided??? Is it just your own room for private??

i have now experienced both, and for what i got for my money privately the first time, compared to public the second, if i have a third baby we will be going public again!

2.5 years ago it cost me about $2000 out of pocket. had i gone private again it would have cost me close to $3000. the problem (aside from the OB's fees going up with inflation plus a bit extra) was that medicare no longer gives as much back on the huge "management fee" that the ob charges around the 20 week mark. even if you have reached the medicare threshold you will still end up paying a huge proportion of these fees yourself.

the easiest way to figure it out would be to ring a few ob's and ask for their fee schedule to be sent out, that way you will have the medicare item numbers, then you can ring medicare (may be best to wait for the new year in case they change it for 2011) and find out what you will get back.

as for service received: yep i got to see the ob at every checkup, but i saw the midwife for longer as she did the checks, the ob just did a quick 30 second u/s each time. the dr was there for the birth but its not guaranteed. your own room also can't be guaranteed - if it happens to be a busy time at the hospital when you go into labour you can end up sharing. when i went in for DS1 there were 32 rooms in the mat ward and they were all full so i ended up in the surgery ward (my own tiny room though). i was moved the second night into the mat ward with my own room. the room was lovely, i had a fridge, tea and coffee facilities etc, double bed so dh could stay (he stayed 4 out of 6 nights) and on the last night we got a candlelit dinner with wine. so that bit was nice. however because it was so busy we didn't get much attention from the midwives, felt we were in the way as they were always rushed and didn't have a good start with bf (ended up ff when we got home).

at the public hossy i was in a shared room the first night (but no one in the other bed so it was like my own room). second night was with another lady, but then the third night they moved me so someone else who had a c-section could use the room. i was moved to a private room in the surgical ward with a balcony, views of the ocean, and a lovely sunset each night! there wasn't a fridge or tea/coffee facilities in the room. the food was just as nice as the private hospital. only a single bed so partners can't stay (but dh couldn't anyway as we had ds1). i did get much better attention from the midwives, didn't feel like they were rushed to get away to their next patient, more lactation consultants available, and they had a visiting midwifery service too, and loaned me a hospital grade breast pump for a week for free!

all up the public pregnancy and birth cost me $180 for the 12 week u/s and that was it.

Hey I went public to have my DD. Had a great experience. The nurses were fantastic, the service great and overall experience was really good. The best part for me was labor, the midwife I had was very supportive, caring and very informative which was good as it was my first child and had no idea what to expect. I was a bit overwhelmed by everything and she picked up on it and soothed me when I needed. She also gave my DP lots of support and got him to help asuch as he could. Overall it was great.
One of the reasons I went public was one the $ it cost for the same care. The nurses are all just as qualified as each other, same as the doctors and same amount of facilities to care for me and my bub should we need it. They are all the same in my eyes. The other reason was cos I preferred to spend that extra money on things for my bub when she came home.
I did however choose to stay with my own GP for my antinatel care and only seen the hospital's antinatel center twice. Once to book in and once for my 36 w checkup where they told me to stay seeing my GP as everything was going fine.
They also had a fantastic at home midwife care centre who rang me everyday when I got home and also came to my house to help me with BF if I wanted. I could also call or drop in anytime I wanted for advice and the best thing is it was all free!! The only things we paid for was my 20w scan (bout $150) and my GP appointments ($50 per visit).
That's just my experience and everyone has different opinions. smile
I have had both my kiddies in the public system (both born at a public birthing centre attached to a public hospital) and I wouldn't have had it any other way. There was a emphasis on midwife based care if your pregnancy was low-risk and I actually preferred seeing the midwives rather than an ob. With my DD I was lucky enough to get into their KYM program and saw the same midwife at all checkups and at the birth. I didn't have to pay a thing for either birth apart from some of the ultrasounds. I shared a room with 2 other mums and babies (and a joint bathroom and shower room) but I didn't find it that big of a deal. You are up all night with your own baby and I went home a little over 24hrs after my DD smile
But it's really up to you and what you're comfortable with and what you want.

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