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Perenium Stretching? Lock Rss

Curious whether anyone was encouraged to do perenium stretching in the last six weeks before giving birth?

I've been encouraged to do it by a midwife friend of my Mum, who says it helps reduce tearing and the need for an episiotomy.
I had a 2nd degree tear with my 1st baby and I'm definitely considering looking into it this time round.
There is a thing on the internet that you can buy called Epistop its this machine thingy (the only way I can describe it) that you insert into your vagina and I think it blows up and down? Not exactly sure...

I had a friend who used it and she recently gave birth to her DD at home, 9pd 5oz, no drugs and only a small graze!

I am thinking about investing in one for the next baby as I also had a 2nd degree tear! Ouch!
Ooops double!
I did perenium stretching exercises when pregnant with my DS and I still ended up needing 2 episiotomies sad With my 2nd pregnancy though I didn't do it and I ended up having a 2nd degree tear but I was told that there's not much point in trying to stretch what has already been stretched during the first labour smile

ive heard about the stretching, however was told by my midwife there is no evidence to say it helps at all. i was also warned at antenatal class about the machine that stretches the area. apparently its been linked to a number of deaths, as women have used it and its broken, and a bubble of air has escaped, causing complications for mum and bubs and even death. my hospital doesnt recommend using it!
What have you got to lose? I used an organic balm and used that on the area in the last trimester - sometimes asking hubby to do way to start letting go of tension and any remaining dignity you might be hanging on to wink

I'm not sure if/how you could say it does/doesn't help during labour. All I know is that I gave birth to an 8 pound 10 little boy who was posterior...and that's a 12 hour labour after being induced. I had no pain relief until I was about 7 or 8 hours into it - got some pethidine.

Anyways - those midwives were considering cutting me and I got annoyed at hearing that so have one last mighty push...first baby...2nd degree tear, no stitches. Everything healed up so well I couldn't believe it. Yes it was very tender down there but it healed better & quicker than I thought it would.

I've posted this link to products on another forum topic already today - just really nice things that all got used during pregnancy, labour & after birth.

So I used the Perineum Balm but swear by the Healing Tincture. I would spray it on maternity pads every time I changed them and kept that up for about 8 days after he was born. It was soooo soothing and smells lovely. And I believe that tincture assisted the healing process immensely.
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