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what happend first for you? Lock Rss

Waters broke, DS born 3.5hrs later at 33wks, lucky I was already in hosp, otherwise I wouldnt have made it, hosp is 3.5hrs from home!!

With both of mine they broke the waters for me and the boys were in my arms within 10 minutes of that. DS1 was a 2 hour labour, DS2 was three hours.
Waters broke with DS1 and had a quick 4 hour labour.

DS2, they had to break my waters, 1 1/2hr labour (which they said would have been quicker if the waters had broken on their own.

Just made it to hospital both times.
With DS I had a 2.5hour labour & my waters broke before any contractions. Made it to hospital easily as contractions didn't start for awhile after my waters broke.......kind of hoping it happens the same for DS2!!

Both times I had contractions first and by the time I got to the hospital I was 8cm dilated.They broke my waters.I have pretty quick labours.
I started having contractions that were bearable (period pain like) but I knew it was more than Braxton Hicks 27 hours before my waters broke, And then DS was born 12.5 hours later ... Can't believe I'm doing it again! Hahaha

With DS my waters broke and he was born 6 hours later and with my DD I had contractions first and my waters had to be broken when I started pushing and her labour was only 3.5 hours. I always thought if your water broke first it would be quicker but I guess in my case its the other way around lol
contractions first both time.
1st contractions were like period pain then midwife broke my water 90mins later she was born.
2rd period like pain then water broke he was born 30 mins later.
The doctor had to break my waters all 3 times. I had DS via em c-section 12hrs after they'd been broken, DD1 came 2.5hrs after and DD2 came 3.5hrs after.
I had contractions for 2 days and waters broke about one hour before bub showed up! They wanted to break them just to hurry things along but didnt happen smile
Got into a car accident, and apparently fluid was leaking, but not from my cervix.. they tried the gel, but didn't work, so i had to get a c-section.. Had a Beautiful baby girl Christmas Eve. =)
For DS1 my waters broke first she was born 6 hours later and for DS2 contractions started first and they had to break my waters to help speed things along as that labour was 8 hours. So the second labour isnt always quicker which is what I was expecting
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