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What was your best tool during Labor? Rss

Aside from your support person/s.
I.e things that made you more comfortable...
Things others might not think of?

For me it woudl have to have been the use of the mirror,it gave me something to focus on & was just amazing watching his little wrinkley head crown grin
my own pillow
that and the epidural lol

The Epi..... mind you both of my labours were long and complicated. With DD2 once I had the epi I had a midwife stay with me the entire time.... DH went off for a sleep. Midwife was great and she came with me for the emergency C-section.
oh yes how could i forget the Epidural! god send!
With DS it was the toilet! As weird as this may sound, when I was at home and when I first got to the hospital I actually found sitting on the toilet and sort of doing the rotating hips thing there was absolutely amazing for dealing with the pain. My midwife then suggested I use a birthing chair instead when she saw it was really helping me so that's what I did and actually delivered DS while on the chair.

With both my labours I really liked using water to help too - DD was in the bath, DS I had the shower running down my back while I sat on the birthing chair.

I had a black coffee with about 5t coffee and 6t sugar when i was in labour to perk me up as i was falling asleep..worked a treat!! had to sip it through a straw, tasted absolutely disgusting though!

The best thing for me was the Toilet, It helps open your pelvic bones up.

I had a very fast first labour of 5 hours 45 mins. At 3 hours I went to the hospital as my contractions were now 2 mins apart and 9cm dilated. I had gas when I entered the delivery suite (wasnt doing anything - I didnt feel any different) but then my midwife told me to sit on the toilet from then I did not need it. Dont get me wrong it was super intense, my contractions were one after the other. Once my DD was nearly here we moved to the bed into the Mcroberts postion (which is on your back with someone on each side hold your knees up by your tummy) This was also great.

Ohh and ask your midwife about pressure points on your lower back - for your partner to push, That is great pain relief before and while you are in hospital.

Hope you get some great tips

Ps its not as bad as people say it is, Just keep thinking my bubs is nearly here and you will get through it.
My Wet face washer was sooo good, didnt have any pain relieve so my best tool seems crappy compared to others lol i did request an epi but bub decided he wanted out right there and then b4 they could give me one!
With my DD it loved the TENS machine I hired smile I found it didn't really stop the pain of the contractions but worked as a really good distraction.

I didn't have any pain relief, but what really helped me was the shower and the gym ball. I would sit (well, bounce on it really.. I was trying to speed up labour as much as I could) on the gym ball in the shower. And every contraction I had I would tell myself 'One more contraction down, nearly there'.
I loved my labour and birth.. I can't wait for the next one (never thought I'd say that blink )
crunching ice cubes smile
Mine was sitting on the toilet when 1st started labour, then in the shower with hot water hitting my back hard! (If i knew the shower was the best reliefe for me I would have done it the with DD1 & DD2)
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