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Birth Position options Lock Rss


I am expecting my third and after other peoples experiences with alternative positions for childbirth, as i have had two children now and both where laying on the bed, both i didnt really want to do like this but just seemed to happen as quick labors and midwifes encouraged and didnt know what my options were and were drug free so in lots of pain and therefore not really in frame of mind to say no i want this cause didnt totally understand anyother way anyways (hope this makes sense).

I know there is kneeling on hands and knees but dont know if i could do it that way and if so do they drop the bed down lower so not so high of the ground?

I was thinking in the shower, but how?

I would love to hear your difference stories.



After having an emergency c-section with my 1st, I was set on having a normal birth for my 2nd - which I got! I had her while kneeling with my body resting over the bed (they lowered it for me) - I think gravity helped a lot there, and even though it was obviously painful it felt comfy in a way! With my 3rd I unfortunately was lying down as I had to have an internal done, I was 5-6cm dilated, and they wanted to moniter the baby while I was lying (they do this when you've had c-sections sometimes), 20mins later I needed to push and wanted to get off the bed, but couldn't as the need to push was too intense, so I was lying in the most awkward position - but the OB liked it as he had a good view!! She was born after about 10mins of pushing - and even though the pushing part didn't last long, I felt like I was able to push better with my 2nd labour, when on my knees.

So anyway, from my experience I'd try for some kind of kneeling position - hopefully you get to labour the way you want this time!!
On the toilet....

Apparently is great positioning for the use of gravity, you can open right up and not get sore legs (like if you were squatting)...there is also a psychological permission to 'release' there, and won't be so concerned of bowels opening.

I'd like to labour on the toilet and hopefully have my partner sit on the bed and I sit on a birthing stool between his legs. I can then rest my arms and a lot of my weight on his knees and we have the same view of our baby being born.

Anything that involves squatting shortens the birth canal and makes pushing a lot easier.

(This is all what I've read, I haven't actually done it so I'm not sure how good they actually are!)

To incorporate the shower you could use a birthing stool in the shower? Or squat like a your elbows on the inside of your knees and have your hands in a praying position.

If you are birthing in a hospital they may have a retractable shower head that you could use on your back whilst on the toilet (?)
hi there
out of my 3 my last was the best. first i had no clue as to positions so was flat on my back... bad idea as bub was posterior (spine on my spine) was a long slow labour and they didnt know until she was born. DD2 i had a better idea and was sitting up in the bed. DS i was in the shower sitting on one of the chairs with hot water for pain relief. when it came to the birth i was on all fours on the shower floor (i couldnt move from there lol)
DD1 was also gas and peth assisted, the other two were completely drug free
this time im planning the same, just using the shower and all fours again, if all goes to plan that is ...

good luck with your decision

I did my labour on all fours, but completely on the bed, I just leaned on the bed head, Ive had both my kids this way and felt it pretty comfortable (considering the pain) I also tried to keep on my feet or walking around when I was having contractions before the pushing part because I heard if you do it that way gravity takes over....
I was made to give birth to my son laying on my back and having the midwives push up my legs and it was horrible and I ended up having 2 traumatic episiotomies sad With my DD I had a waterbirth and had her while I was kneeling in the bath and resting my arms and head on my husbands lap and would highly recommend it, I found it much easier smile It works with gravity and keeps the pelvis open. The lady who taught a birthing class I went to 2nd time around said pushing a baby out while flat on your back is like pushing them down and then up a hill which makes a lot of sense.
Best of luck smile

I would highly recommend you get Birth Skills bu Juju Sundin.

DD was born while i was standing. I had used the birth stool also squating, for the shower you could, stand upright, lean weight on the bar, sit on birth stool, on knees leaning over a chair or fit ball, squat (if your legs can take it)

basically just keep moving around, truing to stay up right as possible, until something feels right.

Two beautiful girls, hubby working from home makes one happy mumma smile

On all 4s! It so helps with the back pain and besides gravity is in your favour....on the day just go with what feels right for you!

Both my boys were posterior and with DS1 I stayed on my back. With DS2 I told them I wanted to find a position to push easier.
I ended up on all fours (kind of) I ended up leaning against the bed head. And the pressure it took off my back was unbelievable, and i'll be birthing this way again grin
Thanks for all your replies. One thing for me anyway was midwives etc never really explained different ways and when it is all happening unless you know what you want for sure and how to sought of go about it, it happens the way the midwife prefers. So thanks again, really helpful and when i talk to midwife at next appointment i will have some idea of what other ways there are to and ask her more about it.


For my first daughter i mostly laboured on a exercise ball in the shower or the birthing pool.

i so badly wanted to deleiver in the pool but apparently i was the first to even labour in the pool in tha hospital and they were not yet aloud to deleiver in there sad

but anyway i told my midwife constantly, i do not want to give birth on my back! of coarse unless i HAD to, thankfully all went well and i ended up bums up over a bean bag on the bed lol, apparently while i was laying on my back on the bean bag and was close to pushing the midwife and my partner fliped me over then i was facing the head of the bed basically on all 4's
was without a doubt sooo much more comfortable in this position compaired to on my back...

this time im going for either something simular to that or in thw shower, my midwife told me in the shower i can be supported by DP/support person
or birthing stool, belly over exercise ball, squatting against the wall... she just said that when it comes the time to actually push they will turn the water off..

hope you get what u want.

Mum of 3 girls, 1 boy, 1 angel, 1 on the way!

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