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How to make it easier for bub to engage?? Lock Rss

I really need my bub to engage, but its not happening and they have told me if she doesnt engage i will have to have another ceaser.....I really dont want another ceaser. And i know its probly not something i can help along, but could someone give me some advice on how to ripen the cervix and help bub engage?
oh hun GBH! I'm not really sure if there is a way. My DD2 didn't engage until she was coming out which, as far as new, was common in subsequent pregnancies. It seems odd that they would be telling you would have to have a c-section if bubs doesn't. Hope that it works out in your favour though. Good luck xo
i was told as mine wouldnt engage that walking alot helps and insted of sitting on chairs sit in one of those large exercize balls , apparently it helps
Ok this might sound weird etc, but my friend's baby turned breech at 36 weeks and they suggested to her to use a Light... put a torch or something low on ur pelvis and the baby should head down or something like that... well thats what my friend thinks they meant... Good Luck either way <<GBH>>
When i had my 30 weeks check up at home i was sitting on the lounge with my legs crossed and mas leaning fairly far forward, my midwife pointed out to me that, that is an exelant position to get bub of your back and encounrage her to move down and engage! she also said if you sit with your feet on the ground and your elbows on your knees that helps too..

also heard swimming helps aswell as walking.

im also not sure why they said if bub dont engage soon you'll need another ceaser, as far as i always knew bub could engage very close to labour.. if i were you and bub wasnt engaged by time the doc/ob or who ever wants try request they let you give a natural birth a go and see if bub will co-op then..
hope all goes well for you.

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Thanks Everyone!! He said that it would make it extreamly hard for my cervix to ripen/open if she didnt engage. And they will not induce me any other way other than breaking my waters. So we will see how it goes. I have been walking but it looks like we are going to get quites a few rainy days now with this cyclone. I might have to just walk up and down our stairs at home!!
good luck with bubs engaging. A lot of 2nd and subsequent babies do not engage at all until labour has commenced. This is because the pelvis area has been stretch before and makes it easier for bubs to pop in and out of the pelvis.
Maybe have a chat to your doctor if you really want to have vaginal birth. Your cervix ripens and dialates as labour begins, not because bubs has engage. A lot of womens bubs engage weeks before labour commences and they have yet begun to dialte or ripen


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