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Booked for Induction :-( Lock Rss

So I am booked in on Monday to be induced, have to go to hospital Sunday afternoon for that gel to soften cervix as I am apparently too tight! My ob wanted to avoid inducing as it can be traumatising for 1st time mums, so now I am scared!

Please tell me what I can expect and PLEASE dont sugar coat it, I need to know what I will be in for. Thanks ladies.

So I am booked in on Monday to be induced, have to go to hospital Sunday afternoon for that gel to soften cervix as I am apparently too tight! My ob wanted to avoid inducing as it can be traumatising for 1st time mums, so now I am scared!

Please tell me what I can expect and PLEASE dont sugar coat it, I need to know what I will be in for. Thanks ladies.

Ask for an epidural! Induction brings on contractions hard and fast, your body doesn't get a chance to 'build up' to the severe contractions. The calmer you can keep, the less adrenalin that will be released into your body, the easier your body will deal with the contractions.
One the plus side, a higher percentage of women have faster labours because of induction. Good luck.
I have gone into labour both naturally and by induction. To be honest if you can avoid induction then I would.
My first baby was natural and only 5 hrs. I eased into it and really couldnt complain.
Second baby was induction and as soon as they put the drip into my arm it was like WHAM! Almost full on labour right from the start. The upside was that it only took about 3.5 hrs and then it was over.

Julia (14yrs), Cooper (6yrs) & Amarlia (14 months)

Hi, everyone reacts differently to the gel, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, but i had the gel for my 2nd and this is what happened to me.

The day before my due date was told to come in to be induced. i was given the gel at around 11:30am and was sent to antinatal to wait. at about 4:30pm, started having contractions, quite strong ones too. a nurse heard me and came to check on me and said no they are not contractions, the gel can cause this to happen so you're fine. She said i was due to go back to maternity ward for another lot of gel at 6pm so i had to wait for that. i was getting lots of strange looks from everyone as the contractions were pretty intense. at 5:30 the nurse decided to get me ready to go down a bit early, but i was in so much pain (good pain IYKWIM) i couldn't walk, so i got in a wheelchair and was sent down. as i was wheeled in, a midwife said to take me into the room where we just get monitored, not a delivery suite, and then another midwife said (after hearing me have a contraction) said no no, straight into a suite. contractions coming hard a fast, but inbetween contraction had no pain at all and was having a great conversation with DH, interupted by the contractions lol! they let my waters break on their own, which happened at about 7pm, and bub was born at 8pm. the only drug i had was a bit of gas which just took the edge off towards the end. the pain was intense but it was a weird sort of quite bearable pain, i actually enjoyed the pain if that makes sense, but it did happen very quickly. my first labour was 28 hours, epi, forcepts, bub was posteria, very bad (but not induced) and my labour with DS2 was great and i had the gel.

but like i said, everyone reacts differently to the gel, i didn't find it traumatising at all, in fact quite the opposite, so good luck and i really hope you are one of the lucky ones like i was.
Don't be scared, try to stay calm and remember it doesn't matter how bub comes just as long as they are healthy.

I was induced with DD. I was given the first lot of gel at 8pm and started getting period pain cramps in the early hours of the morning. I was given a second lot of gel at 7am. My waters were broken at 1pm and the pain was intense. Because you have no natural build up the pain goes from nothing to a lot in a short amount of time. I was offered an epidural straight away (epidurals can bring down your blood pressure - I was induced because of pre-eclampsia) which I had.

About an hour after the epidural labour had stopped and I was given the oxytocin drip which started it up again. Around 3am I was given a top-up epidural. Started pushing at around 6am and DD at 6:58am (after joking with the midwife I would have her before breakfast because I was starving )

The hospital has my labour recorded as 11hours from established labour to birth.

The only real difference between natural labour and an induction for me was that the contractions build up much quicker and you don't have the same time to become accustomed to the pain as you do in a natural labour.

Dont be scared, i have been iduced with both of my pregnancies one in 2007 and one in december shes 6 weeks old, i think the only diference is they can come harder and faster, i dont think traumatising is the right word the doc should have used coz everyone is different ... , my first labour was 3 hours my second was 2hr.45m, and i had pethidine coz i cudnt stand the thought of not been able to feel my legs etc lol..
The most joyful thing is what you recieve at the end thats what you should focus on.
good luck you will do great!
Thanks ladies, Im just so over it as the heat is getting to me and also the fact that I cannot tell if I am having mild contractions or not, I feel so out of control.
I was induced for my DD (my first) at 42+6 and honestly- it was fine!!
It wasn't ideal as I wanted a naturla birth but it wasn't terrible at all. I also had my cervix softened the night before and had my waters broken in the afternoon of the next day.

Labour began immediately with contractions about 5-8 mins apart. They quickly became 5 mins apart. I laboured without pain relief for 10 hours and actually quite enjoyed the experience (which may sound bizarre!).

After 10 hours I was checked and had only dilated 1cm so was asked to have the drip. I was also advised by my midwife to have an epidural as she suggested I sleep for a few hours because it would be another 10 hours at least of labour and she wanted me to have enough energy to push.

I followed her advice and slept for 2 hours. The epidural was only light and I could still feel pressure and even move my legs a little. 11 hours after the drip was put in I was ready to push, an hour later DD arrived.

My biggest advice would be to try to stay calm. Everything will happen the way it's meant to happen so you might as well just go along for the ride!!

Good luck! smile
I have not had the gel to induce labour, only the drip with DS as I had preeclampsia. Although it needed to be done, by god I wish some times that I hadnt had it.

There have been a few threads floating around in here in the past few weeks about induction. Most seem to say pretty much the same thing as I am about to, and also the PP's to this thread.

The downside of induction is that your body has no "natural buildup" to labour pains, and the contractions hit you like a tonne of bricks out of absolutely nowhere. They come hard and fast. Mine went from nothing to every 2 minutes all of a sudden and boy, they were killers.

The upside of induced labour is that it is over more quickly on average than natural labour. Mine took 5 1/2 hours from the insertion of the drip, to DS emerging. My DD was natural labour and took 6 1/2 or so hours.

Additionally, with the insertion of the drip, they like to keep an eye on you and bubs so you may find yourself spending your labour hooked up to the machine to see bubs heartrate. This can make your labour a bit worse as you aren't free to move about.

Now, I know you are having the gel inserted, but I have heard of the gel failing a lot and the drip being needed eventually anyway. However, everyone is an individual and handles these things differently, you may find that the gel works a treat for you and bubs is out with a minimum of pain and time smile

Whatever happens, best of luck, I hope for your sake labour is quick and with minumal pain and that you get to see your bubs happy, healthy and angelic face quickly.v grin

His Royal Highness, Prince William

my 1st was an induced labour. it lasted 9 hours. the drip caused me to have very strong contractions continuously so they had to keep turning it down to let me catch my breath. when they did turn it down the contractions would stop completely.
I really didn't like the idea of being induced and after having one wouldn't be keen to have one again, but in all honesty after bub has arrived the labour you've just been through is the furtherest thing from your mind anyway.
Try to relax and just go with the flow as much as you can. You'll have someone with you looking after you the whole time and they will look after you.
incidently my second labour I woke up a bit after 1am with contractions 2 mins appart, about an hour later my waters broke in a hot shower and less than and hour after that I was sitting on the bed holding my son. It was a much more plesant and quicker experience going naturally, but like I said before once bub is there you forget about the labour you just went through.
My first two were induced and the last was a natural progression.. (but she was posterior).

I had an epidural for the first two (BLISS!!!), asked for one with the last, but he couldn't get it in so it was horrible!! Had to use gas and a morphine-based drug (which was interesting lol)

I think I actually prefer to be induced!!
Yeah it hurts, but labour hurts regardless!

At least you know when it's really happening and you know that it'll all be over very soon.

With both I had two lots of gels, then drip and water manually broken (that was by far the worst for me) and then I had epidural and it was all over very quickly and easily after epi.
With DS, I actually felt his head in my pelvis!
Didn't feel anything with DD1 lol. laugh

DD2 I felt way too much!! lol (damn that epi not working!)

You'll be fine!! Just try to rest as much as you can after the gels.. You might get some period-pain/cramping so it does get uncomfortable, but it'll be over before you know it!
I found an exercise ball helped a bit with DS - I sat on it and rocked back and forth thru the contractions..

Good luck! smile

I was induced with gel with DS. If you can as i was to tight as well get them to give you time instead of rushing it. My midwife let me go 48 hours with the gel before they were going to break my waters. I luckily went into labour 36 hours in. The contractions started 2 minutes apart it was intense from the start. I reccomend a heat pack while walking it did wonders. I did have gas in the last 45 minutes but managed drug free most. My labour was quick 4 hours. Good luck and go with the flow.
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