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Partner wants a different hospital than I want Lock Rss

You have to be comfortable giving birth wherever you chose to go. Your partner isn't the one going through the pain, tell him to stick it IMO. It isn't his choice at all. If he were born in the middle of a swamp would he make you give birth there?

Maybe if he's worried that he won't be involved make sure you ask him if he wants to be the first one to pick the baby up as soon as its born, ask if he wants to have skin2skin with the baby and ask if he'd like to cut the cord. Choosing the hospital really isn't the only thing he can involved in theres lot of other stuff.
Thanks Socially_Awkward

haha yeah good point about the swamp smile I think I might try ask him all of those hopefully it will make him feel a bit more involved.
You know i will tell you the same thing i told my partner. That when he can squeeze a baby the size of a watermelon out the end of his [email protected]#k then he can have a say where and how i have this baby.

He has not said anything to me about it again.

I don't know if that will help you but good luck with it anyhow and i hope you get what you want in the end, cause you should feel comfortable and trust in the people who will care for you when you are most vunrable.. (sorry my spelling is terrible)
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