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Induction for second labour. . .common? Lock Rss

Hi ladies,

So my due date has come and gone and am now sitting at 40+5. Am actually feeling really good and dont feel the overdue frustration yet. However, I have been booked in for an induction at 40+10 as DD was 9lb 7oz born at 40+1. I had always had it in my head that after a somewhat natural birth with DD (even though it was quite a bad birth) that things would just happen naturally this time around as well. I am just curious to see how common it is for women who have gone into labour naturally 1st time around to then go on to be induced with #2? I know I still have plenty of time for my body to step up and do its thing but am just a little upset about the whole inducing scenario so a little advice about inductions would also be appreicated.

Thanks smile
Hi there,

I just wanted to let you know that you have control over the whole induction scenario. Just because your first bub was born over 9lb, it doesn't mean the second one will be. My first was also born at 40+1 and my second one was born much later. I don't agree with induction unless its for medical reasons but had I been a private patient then induction would have been pushed on me. You can always opt for monitoring rather then induction and you have every right to refuse it. Bubs will be born within the next couple of weeks. Overdue isn't technically until 42 weeks anyway...... Even if you wait until 43 weeks, your baby isn't going to be too much bigger anyway.
Have confidence in your body. It WILL go into labour when it needs to!

All the best with your decision!
i cant answer your question yet as im still only half way through my second pregnancy but my DD was born at 40+1 (or 40+9 going by my LMP date) and she was only 6 pd 4 oz so being born full term or overdue doesnt necessarily mean it will be a huge baby.

if you are still feeling comfortable and baby is not showing any signs of distress then i'd re-evaluate the induction if you still feel well in a few days time.
Were you "pushed" into booking an induction date?
Im going private this time around so it will be interesting to see how far over they are happy to let me go. When i went public they were happy to let me reach 42 weeks before induction.
Hi. I have been induced with all 4 of my girls. My first was induced at 41wks, as she was measuring small and they were worried about her not growing properly. She was born by emergency c-section (foetal distress) and weighed 6lb 4oz. DD2,3 and 4 were all induced around 41+3days. I had 2 natural births, then the 4th was a c-section due to my uterine scar rupturing during labour. DD2 was 8lb 1, DD3 7lb 13, DD4 7lb 12.

I asked to be induced with DD4 at 40wks,as I had huge bulging veins on my leg and they were very uncomfortable, but they wouldn't do it until I was at least 10 days over due date. One midwife said I must just not have the 'start button' of labour!!

One midwife said I must just not have the 'start button' of labour!!

LOL... I was also told I didn't have the 'start button'. Both my girls were induced at 40+10. DD1 was 9lb 6oz, DD2 was 8lb 4oz.
I went into labour naturally with DD at 36+5 but needed the drip as everything stopped. Looking back i was pushed into it. I did have to be induced with DS ay 39 weeks but it was for a medical reason.
Thanks for all the responses ladies really appreciate it. . .regarding being overdue and sizing I do realize that it doesn't nessesarily mean he'll be big but I am nearly 6 ft, my partner is over 6 ft and Samoan so with our first girl being 9lbs 7oz its likely little man will be over 10lbs.

What is everyones advice on anything to avoid during an induction? I was hoping to avoid having my waters broken unless I am in full established labour as I don't want to be "on the clock" if labour isn't progressing as babies need to come out within a certain amount of time after waters are broken am I correct? Also has anyone only had to have the gel and that has been enough to get things going and progress somewhat like a natural labour? Sorry for all the questions just never thought I'd be in this position.
I was given gel for my first induction, but nothing was happening. Was put myw a drip, but nothing much happening either so had my waters broken. Things progressed slowly and I was just starting to feel some pain of the contractions when DD1 heart rate was dropping so had to have emergency c-section. 2nd, 3rd and 4th inductions all done by breaking waters and going on a drip (oxytocin), which was slowly increased to bring on contractions. I never felt the sudden full-on contractions that some say they experience with induction. My labours all progressed steadily with intensity over the course of 6 hours. DH actually kept joking to the midwife he would turn the strength of the drip up himself because nothing was happening, lol!
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