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pushing baby out Lock Rss


i am just wondering how long it took you to push your baby out from the time your midwife said its time.

thank you ladies.
5 contractions about 20mins
3 pushes, 15 mins.

DD1 - 2hrs of non stop pushing and ended up with a ventouse assisted birth.

DD2 - 2 pushes, 4 mins and she flew out.

DD3 - 3 pushes, 5 mins


DD1 - 45mins
DD2 - 5 Mins
DS - 2 hours of pushing. but we got there in the end.
Over an hour and a half. I was induced and bub wasn't ready to come out. Two failed vacuums, finally with loads of pushing (threatened with a c-section I pushed like all hell!) and successful forceps, DD's head came out. 2 pushes later her body came out.

DS #1 - 4 1/2 hours...head was stuck poor thing
DS #2 - 30 mins
DD #3 - 30 mins
DD'S #4 & #5 c-section

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DD #1 - hour & half
DS #2 - 10 mins
wow some of those babies just flew out my pushing time was 20mins.
25 minutes, maybe 7 contractions
DS - 2 hours 500255113574 pushes and vacuum extraction
DD1 - 4 mins 2 Pushes
DD2 - 3 mins 2 Pushes

From the look of that the Vjj never goes back in
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