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pushing baby out Lock Rss

Wow, just reading all these replies. I was pushing for about 2.5hours (DD was OP) after being in labour already for 12 hours. Am due in 8 weeks with DD #2 so I really, really hope it's quicker!
30 mins and its really important that when they say 'okay lets do a really big push this time' or 'just a little push' you listen cos if you do a big push when they say a little one, you could end up tearing pretty bad, a few friends of mine did that and i only tore enough for one stitch (which i told them to stick where the sun dont shine i dont want it lol) but they said if i had done a little push at the end instead of a big one, i wouldn't have torn at all
my first was 25mins & my second was 19mins wink
i wouldnt have a clue how many contractions but 3minutes
DD1 2hrs
DD2 14 min.

whole labour for DD2 was a lot faster and more efficient.

Two beautiful girls, hubby working from home makes one happy mumma smile

4 hours labour... 2 hours & 5mins pushing. smile
Update: DD#2 = 15 minutes of pushing (slowed down by big baby -4.64kg- and shoulder dystocia). Total labour time 2 hours 41 minutes.
DD1 about 12 hours of labour but only 20mins pushing (probably about 5 contractions)

DD2 about 9 hours labour but only 10 mins pushing (2-3 contractions). With DD2 we arrived at hospital at 4.40pm and she arrived 5.02pm. The ward closed after we arrived so it was lucky we got there when we did as a transfer to another hospital probably would have resulted in a birth in the car!!!
From what i was told, i was really out of it from the gas so i dont really remember anything from the birth lol

I was pushing for just under a hour as bub got stuck got the vac going midwife said she will be here in 10 minutes 3 more pushes and she was out = D

I got lucky 4 hour labour from 3cm dilated = D
I replied to this thread before my second son was born so can now add that it took at most 5mins to push him out grin so number two was definitely quicker than my first who took 45mins of pushing...
90 minutes and another 90 to stitch me up!
DD1 was a 24hrs labor as she was turned slightly the wrong way and she decided to take the long 270degree turn instead of the short 90degree one. It was only about 7min (3 contractions) of actual pushing though, so once she was finally facing the right way she popped out really easily smile Had an Epidural for while she was turning but they let it wear off as she got closer to position so it was extremely light when I actually gave birth.

DD2 was an early c-section due to pre-eclamsia (sp?) so not pushing with her. sad

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