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pushing baby out Lock Rss

DD 2+ hours ending in vacuum.
DS 10 minutes!!

Defintely easier the 2nd time when you know how and when to push!!!
14hour labour with 3 long hours of pushing, two doctors called in, resulting in an episiotomy and a beautiful baby girl all drug free as I started with the gas but they took it off me smile
DS 1 and 2 were both somewhere bewteen 10 to 15 mins

3 pushes, 15 mins.

About the same.

DS was 3 pushes but i had the help with the vacuum! So it was so quick like 5-10 mins if that!
Labour was about 3 hours - 41 minutes of pushing
DD was born at 41+4 induced

Hoping my next labour is a quick one too!
My husband said it took about an hour, but it felt much shorter, felt like maybe 15 mins. Don't look at the clock (not that you are likely to want to)just concentrate and think each time about the progress you are making!

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DS - 3 pushes 15 mins
DD - 5 pushes 20 mins- (tore fairly badly with DS so i tried to slow it down with DD i thought it might not tear as bad - didn't work... )
This one- maybe i'll go for quick grin 5 mins sounds good.
DD#1 > 72hr labour, half an hour of pushing
Still waiting for DS to get here....hoping its a much easier labour this time round tho
10 minutes - 5 pushes and there she was! smile
3 and a half hours for my first, she was coming down crooked and every time I pushed she slid back up again..

2nd was emergency c-section so no comment lol
2 minutes, 4 contractions and no tears! all up labour was 5 hours (i was induced and on the drip) im praying my next labour is just as good! super scared though because the hormonal drip definetly helps to speed things up which i most likely wont have this time lol
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