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C-Section Recovery Rss

How long did it take you to recover from a c-section? I hadn't planned on having one (emergency) and I didn't really do any research on them at all. Its been three weeks on Saturday and while my scar is looking awesome my stomach is still tender acrossways under my belly button. I really want to start exercising as soon as possible but I don't want to hurt myself either. Also how long before the bleeding stops? Its down to light bleeding now - so sick of it though. sad
It's normal to bleed 6-8 weeks after any birth. You should expect to take it easy for about the same time and then from about 8 weeks to around 3mths pp you should still be a bit careful about what sorts of activity and exercise you are doing. You've been through major abdominal surgery so don't rush back into things. While you may start feeling better outwardly at around the 6 week mark, don't forget there is still lots of healing going on under the skin that needs time to repair properly.
Hi there,
After my emergency C section I was told that I should wait 6 weeks till I try excessive exercise, 3 weeks before resuming any form of light exercise.
I still sometimes dont like my DH touching the scar, cos it gets sensitive, also I had alot of numb feeling around the scar site for about a year, as they must have cut nerves....
Post birth bleeding can last anywhere up to 6-9 weeks following any form of birth, bleeding would be the same no matter the type of birth, you dont get more blood just cos of a c section.

Best of luck - take things easy, dont do what i did and try and do things cos I was feeling great, but really shouldnt have been doing stuff like washing etc, I got two post birth infections, really nasty!!


I had alot of numb feeling around the scar site for about a year, as they must have cut nerves...

Me too! I was wondering if that was normal. I can only half feel when I scratch my belly in parts. I'm hoping that goes away. huh
I had a c-section with my DD 3 years ago. As a previous post says, it's major abdominal surgery and you shouldn't be doing any lifting, driving, hanging out washing etc for at least 6 weeks.

It took me awhile to recover, still had numbness around my scar for at least a year I think, maybe more. In fact mine is still a little bit sore/feels odd when I press hard on the ends of it.

Just take it easy and let your body recover, it's only been 3 weeks smile
It'll be 4 weeks tomorrow since I had my emergency c-sec. I was like OP, I didn't have any info about it so I didn't know what was normal. Sometimes my stomach feels tender above my scar and other times it doesn't. I was worried that I was bleeding too much and that it was still a bit strong. But a chat with my GP settled my worries. She explained that it's normal and that everyone is different.

I know that my scar is healing though because last night it was itching like crazy. I had to sleep on my stomach last night to stop myself scratching.

As for exercising I guess I should look into that. I have not really thought about that. I have been trying to go for a walk to the shops at least once a week. Not so much for the exercise but so that I can say I have at least been out of the house once.
I saw a physio after my emergency c-section and was told to pretty much do nothing for the first 6 weeks - not to lift anything except my baby, no exercise, no driving. From 6 weeks I could start driving and hanging out washing etc. I specifically asked about exercise (as I do rock climbing) and was told I could start going for walks after 6 weeks but still no strenuous exercise till 3 months. It's not just because of the c-section. You still have all the hormones that made your joints and ligaments loose and you can get an injury much easier.
After my emergancy c-section i probably pushed myself alil too much. i was driving after 2weeks. and got on a horse after 8weeks altho i found it very hard having pretty much no stomach muscles.

after having a natural birth with DS my new stepmum told me that you shouldnt really do too much exercise till after 3months other then walking as your ligaments will still be soft due to hormones like another post said.

as for the numbness in the scar. DD turns 5 soon and if i scratch on or around my scan it feels like i have pins and needles. its very odd.

all you need to remember is you did have major surgery and only do what feels comfortable, dont push yourself.

Paige 23/5/06 Tyler 27/11/08

I had an emergency Caesar with my first then an elective caesar less than 2 years later, and now I'm 8 wks pregnant wih our 3rd and will be opting for another caesar. With my first, I took it easy for the first 6 weeks as recommended by the doctor. With my second my hubby couldn't take as much time off, plus I had a very jealous toddler to take care of, so I probably forced myself to get back into routine a little quicker, but it was still at least 3 weeks before I felt I could manage on my own. Getting the pram in and out of the boot of the car still wasn't easy though.

My scar still feels a bit numb, but I'm so used to the feeling that I don't even think twice about it now.

I actually thought I'd heard somewhere that there was supposed to be less bleeding post caesarean because they clean you up in surgery. But as the others have already said, bleeding for up 6-8 wks is pretty normal.

Take it easy and see your doctor if you're worried about anything.
I didnt plan on having a c section wen i was pregnant with my son i had an emergency it took a week in hospital before i could sleep on my side whereas with my daughter i was up and walking the next morning it hurt like anything and my tummy still hurts 5 months on. you should be resting for 6 weeks no exercise for 3 weeks and just very light stuff no hanging washing or cleaning etc.... u have a baby to take care of dont worry about the rest until after ur 6 week mark just relax and enjoy bub....
After my first which was a emergency after 16 hours of labour It took about a week to get back on my feet again, After my second which was much easier I was at the supermaket 3 days later doing the shopping (walking fairly slowly mind you)
My scar now 7 months old is still numb.

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