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(TMI Topic) Pre-labour and diahorrea Lock Rss

In our antenatal classes the mid-wife mentioned that in her experience this was a pretty good indication of impending birth.

I was wondering how many of you had experienced it and how far in advance it was?

Were there any other of the 'definite' symptoms of impending arrival and when were they?
I had an induction for the first but did have diahorrea the whole time. The second I did have the trots the night before, so much so I thought the contractions were 'bowel cramps'.
I had the runs before both my labours and though the same as sarah that at first my labour cramps were bowel spasms. After a while they got more intense and regular so I figured out it was labour.
I didn't have runs, but I went to the toilet 4 times in 4 hrs in first stage of labour. I'm a regular type of person (same time every day) sorry TMI.

I had a show about 5 days earlier, so really no sign labour was about to start, just that I started to waddle bad, a few hrs b4 labour started.

Two beautiful girls, hubby working from home makes one happy mumma smile

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