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Rotorua Hospital? Lock Rss

Hey chick,

I live in Rotorua and am expecting my first. Im planning on delivering baby at the hospital here in November, thinking of having a water birth if they have a unit/bath set up for that.

Hope you and bubba are going well, Rotorua is home for me so hopefully the nurses take good care of us up there! Good luck with everything smile

Sweet. Finally another young mum-to-be in Rotaz haha. They do have a few baths I think but I'm pretty sure you have to say early if you want to use them or not. Are you doing antenatal classes?? I'm doing mine next month through the Parents Centre and they do a tour of the birthing unit so I'll be able to tell you what it's like in there smile Aw awesome I'm due on the 3rd of November. Do you know what you're having?

Thank you. Good luck to you to smile

Hahaha I know what you mean, I only know of maybe 5 others in rotos who are expecting but met them all through parenting classes at Plunket!

Oh cool cool, nah I havent booked for antenatal classes yet, dont know when I should sign up for them but a tour of the birthing unit does sounds good... Im seeing my midwife next week so see when she recommends I should go. Awesome, not too long for you to go now! Have you been feeling pretty good through your pregnancy so far? I've actually been so suprised how good Ive felt, think keeping active and my supplements are playing a big part though smile

Is your partner looking foward to being a daddy? Thats so nice you have the support from him, my 'baby doner' is a total nut case so he isnt involved with any of this... Little bit unfortunate but much better this way Haha
Oh yeah.... And Im having a girl! So happy! Would not have minded either way though smile what about yourself?
Sweet stuff. I thought the parenting classes were really helpful, just went down to plunket on Pukuatua St and asked them to put my name down, all the ladies were so nice. The classes only go for 3 sessions and it's all based from babies first 0-6 months. Information galore! You've probably got heaps of info already aye, Ive got a whole draw of pamphlets, brochures, samples etc haha, it's overwhelming but Im taking in as much as I can.

Aw thats so cool, Ive been stocking up on baby gears too. Got a bassinet full with babies clothes already (shes got more than me!) and shopping around for everything else too. Lol i agree about baby bump getting in the way, my Mum noticed today how it's getting harder to bend over and move around. Babies been so active too, all my ultrasounds she's been in a funny position and then turns to a different one.... I love feeling her kick and stir, it's incredible eh!

Thankyou, yeah I do have alot of support from everyone apart from him. My mum and rest of my family have been amazing with everything. My Mum was a really young mum with her first too so she gets how much I want and need her support, shes an incredible lady

Love that youre having a little boy, babies are so gorgeous!
Yep you most certainly can, everyone had their partner or support person with them which was so nice to see. Classes are only one night a week so not too much time outta everyones normal schedule either, they're really well put together actually.

Oh awesome! Your family must be so happy for you guys. Im bearing the first grandchild so Mum and Dad are now being referred to as Nana and Poppa lol proud doting grandparents they are smile

I would've bought a cot instead of the bassinet but we havent any room in our house ATM! Seen some beautiful ones in Baby Factory and am constantly online looking at every offer and comparing prices, these children are so well catered for it's crazy! Lol.

Oh man I've thought of so many names so far. I really like different/unusual names for girls but also boys names that can be girls names if you know what I mean. Not too much a fan of really traditional or common names either. I love:

- Ava which means 'life' or 'like a bird',
- Kiana which means 'living with grace' and
- Kiara which means 'light, bright, famous' (haven't decided which I like more outta those two) and thinking of Ariana as a middle name after my sister.
- Manaia which is maori meaning 'guardian'
- Riley which means 'courageous'

Any suggestions?! Lol can't hurt... What have you thought of for your son?
Cool one! I think you've convinced me to do these ante-natal classes aye, just talked with my mum about them and she says they'll definitely be beneficial so I think I will sign up. So thank you for that! Haha Umm is there any cost with them though? I read on another forum that some services make you pay to attend them- stuff that! They'd better not haha.

Good luck with finding another place. Me and mum are moving shortly after baby arrives too. Heading over to Tga/Papamoa to start over fresh, here's hoping that all goes well, I can't wait to be living by the beach. Be beautiful for the summer and nicer environment for baby to grow up in too

Lol naww, yeah I guess it would be hard to both agree on a name but Spencer is so sweet! What a great choice Have you joined any coffee groups in Rotorua? I haven't heard of any to be honest. I'd presume ante-natal classes would be a great opportunity to set one up but I know I'm definitely keen to see what others experiences have been and how they're feeling about being mums. I find it empowering and reassuring almost lol.
Awesome, thankyou! Ill check out their site soon. Aww good one, yeah Springfield is nice, alot of my friends live up that way. We're at the other end of Pukehangi road and it's not a bad area mostly.

Hahaha Bob, glad he has a sense of humour about it, lol! Wouldn't and couldn't call my child that EVER. Or Gertrude, *shudder* there are some shockers out there man.

I agree, this site has been a big help- so glad I joined when I did! I looked at the Treasures website too, it's basically the same and just as good. So many baby experts! Haha
I've been doing alot of walking myself, I head over to the redwoods most days and it's really energising being amoung the trees and bush haha what a hippy tongue Oh good stuff, my midwife is on Eruera St at the boys high end. Priscilla Punita is her name and she's been excellent so far. I hope she's trained in waterbirthing techniques, still so keen to learn more about that.

Omgod you know what, I was on treasures the other day and posted a story about trying to contact another girl so I could tell her about my pregnancy. I said where she might've been living recently and her sons name and age and wholey jesus, my head almost got bitten off!!! I was shocked at some of the ladies replies aye, saying things like I was over stepping the line posting personal details about her and her son on there. Christ! I gave my reasons for trying to find her but then deleted the post, I was quite embarrased aye. Didn't expect such negative responses. Each to their own opinion yeah but I think Im just going to stick to reading posts from now! Lol

Sounds like you're doing all the right things, good on you I'm against pregnant woman sitting on the couch for 9 months until babies arrival haha but that's just IMO. I need to feel like I'm achieving and preparing everyday for baby. And the exercise is awesome yeah.

As for waterbirths I totally agree, it's crazy how much intervention the hospitals give some woman. I would hate to be poked and prodded and feeling like I'm not in control of my body when giving birth. I can understand it if there are complications but still, being stuck to a hospital bed for hours on end frightens me. Fingers crossed we both get the birthing method we're hoping for!

Ooooh people are really touchy about BF vs. formula feeding aye. I plan to BF, what great benefits for both mum and bubs so I really hope my body allows me to do it. I'm all for natural and healthy, any methods the way nautral intended lol. There's the hippie in me again

Hmmm, wonder if anyone else from Rotorua is going to join this posting..... Lol
Aww cool, I've never been hunting before! I'm a car girl, love love love them

My pregnancy has been fantastic too. I do feel for woman that have terrible sickness all the way through or can't eat particular foods, it must be really draining. I've been virtually stress free the whole time despite everything else haha!

I want to return home as soon as I can too. I can't remember who told me but some woman at the plunket recommended staying in hospital for aslong as I could after baby is born- I'm thinking what the hell for?! Not my idea of bonding with baby.... I'm going to buy some lanolin cream tomorrow, just reminded me since we were talking about BF. Finally my tits have started to noticably get bigger lol about time! God I was worried there for awhile haha..

Haha well that's good, I was suprised to even see another active member from Rotorua on here. It's been good chatting
Ha how cool, love it when other chicks get into it too! I knew more about cars than my last two boyfriends, was quite amusing sometimes

Awww no, I haven't had any major pains yet except sciatica down my leg and into my butt sometimes. It comes and goes (I can feel it right now actually) but mums been giving me massages to release it and it works a charm, sooooo good. Hot swims are really good too, we're going to Waikite valley pools tonight for a soak. Some people are wary of hot swims (so I keep hearing) because of the bacteria it can cause but the benefits outweigh the scary thoughts I feel

Wow an F cup, really?! I don't know if that's considered lucky but I've only ever been as most as a C cup haha. Come on DD's! Hahaha
Yeah me too! By the way, if you know anyone looking to buy a fairly decent skyline, there's a 20det sitting in my driveway that needs to go haha need to get rid of it before we move to Papamoa..

Poor thing, I'm finding the walking helps with sciatica but I guess it will do what it wants to do aye. Yeah, something about bacteria build-up in your 'you-know-what' haha... Might be a myth. Our swim was gorgeous lastnight too, the top pool wasn't as hot as last time so hopefully it's within those safe temps

Lol aww some girls would dream of being bigger, trust me! I'm happy with what I've got Just waiting to buy some maternity bras now, not gonna buy till I'm ready to drop.
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