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Were you able to stick to your birth plan? Rss

Just curious as to how many people's births (if any) actually went to plan? I had a clear idea going into each of mine how I wanted to proceed and about the only thing that actually went according to plan for all 3 was that I didn't use any pain relief.

With DS I went into labour 4 weeks early & spent most of my labour in the back of an ambulance - so much for staying upright and walking lol, my mother was also supposed to be there for his birth but he was already half an hour old by the time she made it to the hospital. I had also planned to spend the maximum amount of time in hospital but due to complications with his breathing, he was flown to brisbane the next day & I was discharged to go with him.

DD the hospital decided to bring me over early just in case she decided to make an early appearance and sure enough she did, at the worst possible time for everyone, My brother was going to take DS for me while I was in labour but he'd had to fly to Roma for work, my df was still at work 2hrs away and just made it in time & again she was a half hour old by the time my mother got to the hospital.

With DD2 I'd decided right, since my mother couldn't make it to the hospital in time, she'd have to come stay with me & then the hospital decided they couldn't deliver bub there as she was likely to come early as well so we got sent away to Brisbane we had to go down almost a week earlier then planned because of the floods and ended up spending 6 weeks there instead of the original 2-3 weeks because the little darling refused to put in an appearance until 39 weeks and then she was born on my friend's bathroom floor with DF playing midwife.


I don't think many labours and births do go to plan. lol!

With DD I wanted a drug free natural birth. I got my natural birth, but not drug free. She turned posterior at some point and wrapped the cord around her neck in the process causing her heart rate to dip to 40bpm. While they were prepping me for a c-section, her heart stopped all together, so they performed an emergency episiotomy instead and pulled her out at lightning speed with forceps. Not nice. sad But shes a happy 6 year old now and the pain and trauma is just a distant memory.

With DS I went in with NO birth plan at all, this way I knew I couldn't be disappointed. lol! I was in labour for less than 3 hours. We arrived at the hospital and DS was born under half an hour later. With NO drugs! lol! He didn't give me time for that. MIL was going to be present, but she missed the entire thing cos he came so quickly in the end and she didn't make it there in time. I don't even remember pushing, he kind of just fell out! LOL! tongue

Two VERY different labours and births for me.

when the midwife was asking about my birth plan with dd i had no idea what i wanted! i think i put down ''i want the baby to come out healthy and i want it not to hurt'' baby came out healthy but it hurt alot!! i think this time i will still keep an open mind but maybe consider epi for pain relief
You don't want to know :/

I was warned by several people that birth plans just lead to disappointment so I just left it to fate.
With bub i want drug free and to push him out. I did it nearly all drug free and after 38 hours of labour and 90 minutes of trying to push him out i was told i had to have a c-section. His head was hitting my pelvis bone and he could get threw.

This time around the doctor has recomend i have another c-section which i still nervous about.

DD1- NO! I wanted a drug free labour if possible (but was open to gas). Def did not want an epidural or a c/section. DD1 had other ideas though! Was a very slow labour, I had an epi about 30 hours in and a c/section 36 hours in after FTP. DD1 did not move an inch and was still very high up when pulled out of my belly.

DD2 I was going to try a VBAC, but with about 8 weeks to go decided to have a repeat c/section.Even that went a little off track! I had a uterine rupture pre surgery (was labouring that morning) and then after surgery had a reaction to maxalon and had a major freak out and pretty much passed out after trying to reach down into my belly.

I probably shouldn't have a third....

I didn't have a birth plan with either of mine, I think it's too hard to predict what's going to happen and it would be disappointing if it didn't happen the way it was 'planned'.

I'm far more concerned about getting my babies out safe and healthy than saying 'no epidural, no episiotomy, i want to be in such and such position etc'... Sometimes you just have no control over what needs to happen!

Id rather go in with an open mind and follow the advice of the doctor on the day grin
The midwives at my hospital said there wasn't a lot of point having a birth plan and I totally agree. How can you possibly say with No 1 that you want no pain relief??? I couldn't imagine the pain that comes with labour until I was there and feeling it. What can you possibly say or know for sure until you are in the thick of it? I say take it as it comes, talk with your partner before hand and leave it in the hands of the Gods!

I was warned by several people that birth plans just lead to disappointment so I just left it to fate.

It's a bit sad that we don't even have a say over our own bodies or the way our babies are born.
Nope lol and I firmly believe that it is set up to fail lol

DS1 - in and out of hospital with stop start labor for 3 days when they decided to break my waters and induce me (was 40+3), had another 42 hours of labor after that and because on my plan I said I did not want pain relief they kept arguing with me that I did not need it even though bub was facing the wrong way and pressing on my spine... he went into fetal distress and he ended up being delivered by forceps, he was so over cooked sad lol

DS2 - Had diabetes so things got changed, plan was to have induction at 36 weeks, natural birth no drugs... he decided not to wait for induction lol went in and they had 5 emergencies at once and by the time they got back to me he was ready to arrive lol

DS3 - Again diabetes come into play with this one and again a induction had been scheduled but at 37 weeks, another impatient one that decided not to wait lol ended up with drips in both arms with in an hour of arriving (one for the induction stuff and the other for the insulin) things were going ok but then had a major hypo which pretty much put me into la-la land and incoherent so they were giving me drinks and meds to bring my levels up which made me chuck but back to earth lol his heartbeat dropped really low and so they were doing a prep for c-sect but then he was born on the next contraction ready or not - OWWWW

Leigha''s little men smile

My labour was really great.. it was just how i planed and imagined!

I stayed home for 2 hours during the contractions with my partner, rang my mum when we left for the hospital and whn i got to hospital I walked around a for about 10 mins and under the shower, my waters broke standing over the bed ( like in the movies smile ) then was pushing for about 40 mins. thn mum got ther about 1 hour later. it was perfect! i was so lucky smile
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