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Giving birth to a 3rd child Lock Rss

DS was 9 hrs of labour, 1.5 hrs of pushing.
DD was 5 hrs of labour, 15 mins of pushing.

Was your third faster, easier? Some friends have been saying #3 should just fly out and honesty that would be lovely. I have had reasonably easy births with no pain relief but #3 due in 4 weeks and its all starting to scare me again as i know what im in for. I would love for it to be quick and easy smile
Ive had two bubs with my second being an emergency c-section so i cant help u personally, but my sisters third bub was relatively easy, but her fourth was little longer & difficult.

Good Luck grin grin
DS1 1hr 30min labour (5w prem - 2820g)
DS2 7hr labour, (4460g)
DS3 1hr 13min labour (4600g)
DD 50min labour (4040g)
DS4 18min labour (4880g) water broke 15min into labour, he was out at 16min, and placenta at 18min
I'm due to have my 3rd in a couple of weeks, and also very interested to know how it will go. My DS1 was late so had to be induced. Labour was 10 hours with 2 hours of pushing, DS2 was CS due to being in breech position. Am hoping for a VBAC this time, and also hoping that body and bub work together to allow for it. Fingers crossed it will be a little easier than #1 and not turn into emerg. CS.
im due with my 3rd in 2months and have been wondering the same.

DD was an emergency CS after a 11-12 hr labour with 2hrs of pushing.
DS i left first proper contraction at 6.30pm and he was born at 2.20am. but its only recorded as a 3hr labour as midwife didnt believe me that i was in labour until i showed up at hospital at 11pm 7cm dilated.

I've heard some people say the 3rd is easier and others say the 3rd is harder. Im hoping this one is fast and easy!!!! lucky 4 me dreams are free.

~Ricki~tribe~of~5~ are those times from first contraction?

Paige 23/5/06 Tyler 27/11/08

Hi, with my third I also had these concerns, I dont think it is good to go into it thinking that it will be easier and faster because things happen and no-one can be sure. But here are my times.....

#1 7hours start to finish, one hour pushing
#2 4 hours start to finish, 10minspushing
#3 26ish minutes start to finish, 5ish minutes pushing

I really dont want to have another one because I am worried about beating my time!! laugh
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~Ricki~tribe~of~5~ are those times from first contraction?

Yes... all my labour times are taken from first niggle/contraction - or waters breaking - which ever happened first, through to birthing bub and placenta. All were Vaginal births, all spontaneous unassisted labours

DS1 1hr 30min labour (5w prem - 2820g 6lb3oz) Water broke, then contractions started - drugfree
DS2 7hr labour, used gas (4460g 9lb13oz) started with contractions, had water broken at hospital at 6hr mark, born an hour later
DS3 1hr 13min labour, used gas (4600g 10lb2oz) water broke, then contractions
DD 50min labour drugfree(4040g 8lb15oz) Contractions started, 50min later she was born in the sac
DS4 18min labour drugfree(4880g 10lb 12oz) Contractions started, water broke 15min into labour, he was out at 16min, and placenta at 18min
All of my babies have been induced, but my 3rd was by far the worst. She was very overdue, very big (9lb 9oz) and got stuck during delivery. My husband was scared and told me after that he never wanted to go through that again.( but we did!!) But she was a quick one, just on three hours. Every labour is different, just tell yourself that you've been through before, you can get through it again. Good luck!
My First was 4.5 hours, second was 3hrs both from my waters breaking as that was the first sign I had that I was in labour and so when I fell pregnant a third time I was expecting a slightly quicker labour again, then I developed gestational diabetes & my dr told me to expect a longer & harder labour then both as bub was bigger & the third usually falls somewhere between the first 2 anyway. She was wrong DD2 took all of 30 minutes to be born from my waters breaking I only pushed about 3 times & had no tearing or grazes despite her being born with her hand next to her face.


OMG Im jealous of your ladies labour times lol

DS1 was 19 hours from first contraction - cant recall how long I pushed for - a while I think.

DS2 was 14 hours from first contraction - less pushing Im pretty sure lol

bub #3 I'm hoping to get in under the 12 hour mark and then maybe I'll finally get my drug-free birth. With the first 2 I managed to hold out til the 12 hour mark til I gave into drugs - epidural in end both times.

my 3rd was very quick 90mins

2rd 3hrs

1st 9 hrs

my 3rd was the easies as it was quick and my body knew what to do it wasn't as painfully.
DD1 - 40 hrs 3.5 hrs pushing 8lb 14oz(ventouse as she was stuck)
DD2 - 3 hrs 14 mins pushing 10lb 2oz
DD3 - 3.25 hrs 12 mins pushing 11lb 14oz

I think 3rd time around your body is alot more prepared for the journey, (as you are). The 3rd was the most painful for me though (probably because she was soooo big!)

All the best grin
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