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Third labour and deliveries Lock Rss


I am just wondering what your third birth story is like compared to the other ones. Was it quicker/longer, was the pushing stage easier/harder, what was the size of the baby, did you tear??

Thanks =)
Ummm.... this is either going to freak you out or make you feel good,sorry if it freaks you smile

My first two births were 7 and 4 hours. First in a hospital and second at home. They were 7/7 and 8/3 and I didnt have stitches.

My third I had at home -thank god. I woke up got my birthmat out, my DH woke up came out and lit the fire. HE was just finished when my waters broke .
He got my mum up and got me the phone to call my midwife. My DS arrived a few minutes later. My labour was 26ish minutes, he was 7/4 and no stitches. My mum delivered him and we hung out and I feed him while we waited for the midwife to arrive. smile
We went back to bed a few hours later and finished our sleep .
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My first labour was extremely long, horrible and ended in an em c-section, he was 9lb 2oz.

My second was 6.5hrs (going from full on labour, 14hrs from first contraction), pushing went for 30mins, only used gas, she was 7lb 15.5oz, and I had to have stitches, it was a pretty good labour.

My third was 6hrs (14hrs from first contraction), I dilated really quickly with her, going from 4-5cm to fully dilated and pushing in 25 mins!! Pushing went for 11mins, completely drug free, she was 8lb 8oz, had stitches again, and it didn't feel as easy as with my second, but maybe that was because of not have any drugs - not sure!
I just had baby number 3 and it was a completely different labour to the first two.

She was 11 days late - the other two were pretty much on time.

She came in an awful hurry, in less than two hours, and as a result it wasn't so exhausting.

The first two were exhausting, extremely long births. Prolonged second stages for both births.

She was anterior - the first two were posterior. (This makes an incredible difference!)

Pethidine for the first two - no painkillers required for this one. Too fast, but also anterior so no where near as painful. (I did use the gas for the last two contractions so I had something to focus on - and then it turned out that they just gave me the tube, there was no gas...)

She is the smallest of my babies (despite being the 3rd). No 1 was 8lbs, No 2 was 9lb 11oz and No 3 was 7lb, 7 oz.

Tears for No 1 and No 2. No tear, only a small graze for No 3. All 3 had the same head measurement (go figure)

So yeah - number 3 was completely different. But - No3 had a different dad, so I've heard that that makes for completely different experiences. And also, I was a lot healthier and fitter for No 3 and I wonder if that helped with the labour and the subsequent bounce back. (I was ready to go home straight away)

Hannah (3 yrs) and Harry's (born 22/7) Mum! QLD

DS was born at 35 & 5, weighed 2.48kg and was born after only 4.5hrs of labour, and I ended up with a graze.

DD1 was born at 36 weeks, 2.9kg & 3hrs of labour, no tears or grazes.

DD2 didn't come until 39 weeks after a Stretch & Sweep and my entire labour lasted 30 minutes. We had had to go to brisbane to have her since the other 2 came early & I had gestational diabetes and in the end she was born on my friend's bathroom floor with DF delivering. He had a small stress attack as she came out with her fist pressed against her face and he thought it was her cord but I didn't get any tears or grazes, I did have a lacerated placenta which thankfully didn't cause me any dramas.


Thanks for your replies smile

They make me feel much better!! Although the quickness is a little daunting lol.

My first baby was 36 hour labour with loads of stitches and lots of drugs.

My second was 6 hours drug free with a small tear that didnt need stitching.

Im hoping the next one is a bit shorter, with a much easier pushing stage (i'm not all that great at pushing, i tend to suck it back up to much)

thanks again!!
I just gave birth to my 3rd child 7 weeks ago. I thought that she would be the same as the others but she wasnt my older children were both early she was 39 weeks 3 days. My labour was 2.5 hours with the first two and 5 for the last. Thanks to thw wonderful midwifes who I have grown to trust I didnt tear I followed there instructions when they told me to stop pushing or I would.
i have had four children and the labours have got easier each time no 1 was 12hrs , no 2 was 6 hrs no 3 was 3.5 hrs and no 4 was 1.5 hrs all natural deliveries and no pain relief with the last two
wow, interesting. i am about to have my 3rd and was going to ask the same question. and it does seem to be a pattern that they get quicker. DS1 was 28 hours and very very bad, DS2 was about 4 hours and very easy, both within days of their EDD. better make sure i keep my legs crossed so i can actually make it to the hospital!!!
I have also wondered this as I'm expecting baby number 3 in Jan. My first was about 8hrs, epidural & episiotomy with DD1. DD2 was 3.5 hrs, no drugs & waterbirth. I wonder if this one will be quicker than the last?? smile

my 1st was 6hrs 10mins pushing 2.5kg

2rd had pain that was like my period pain for about 4hrs than water broke(at home)walked into the hospital 30mins later after 5 pushes he was born 3kg

3rd period pain again about 2hrs went to hospital she was born 1hr later after 2 pushes 3.1kg.

so yes they got better but i also knew what i was doing i had no drugs and no
stitches with any.

Each of mine got longer - ripped off!!

1 was 3 hours but very intense. 2 was 6 hours but only quite painful for the last 1-2 hours. 3 was about 8 hours. It was easy until the last 10 mins when my waters finally broke - definitely the most painful 10 mins of my life!! Bigger than the others tho which may have made a difference.

From what I have heard 3rd babies are generally easier but they can go either way. No guarantees, I guess.

My 2nd was longer than my first also, not by too much though. DS1 was 4.5 hours and DS2 was 5.5 hours. Both induced with the drip (INTENSE!) and epidural for both.
I think my 2nd was longer than my first as I had a doctor putting the epidural in and it was his first ever go! It took an hour of being curled over on my belly with induced contractions going hard and fast, and I think it kept me more stressed and tense, delaying things a little.
I'm having my 3rd in October.. so who knows how it will go!

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