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what time was your baby born Lock Rss

hey what time was your baby born? just cuious lol ds was born at 3:57pm i went in to labour at 8am smile
how about you?
8:08pm ... I like that, it has a nice ring to it!

I was induced the night before and went into labour somewhere around 8:30 or 9:00am.
DD was born at 1:06pm, I went into labour at 2am the day before roll eyes I think it was full on labour from about 8pm the night before though (I was pretty out of it lol)

DS was born at 7:15am, went into labour the day before, was on and off all day and in full labour from midnight grin
DS was born at 12.26am on a Wednesday. Waters broke on the Monday night but then had to be induced as it just didn't get going. Labour started at 6pm on the Tuesday night.

I went into labour with DD at 2am and had her that night at 11:42pm smile

DD1 was born at 9:20 am after 26 hours labour

DD2 was born at 9:22 pm after 15 1/2 hour labour resulting in c-section.
DS1 I went into labour at 1.30am and he was born the same day at 10.42am.

DS2 went into labout at 5.30am and he was born same day at 3.42pm! grin

Twin one 6.31pm,twin two 6.33pm.And the last baby was 4.41pm

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DS was born at 6:15am

Not sure when my labour technically started. I know that I started to feel bad pain around 3pm the day before then pretty much after that I lost track of time lol. I only know that DS was born at 6:15am because that's what was written down lol
DD waters broke naturally at 10:45am, born 6:38pm same night.
DS waters broke naturally at 7:30am, born 2:42pm same day.
Labour started at 2 or 3am, DS arrived at 5.49pm.

DD1 was induced on the Thursday morning at 9am, she was born 5.58am Fri morning.

DS went into labour at home Wed night, that stopped started again Thurs afternoon, went to the hosp and he was born via emergency c/section at 3.36am Fri morning.

DD2 was planned C/S and was born at 4.41pm on a Friday afternoon.

So by some fluke all three were born on a Friday!
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