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  5. Has anyone deliverrd a breech baby naturally???

Has anyone deliverrd a breech baby naturally??? Lock Rss

Just wondering if anybody has attempted or delivery a breech baby naturally??

Just wondering if anybody has attempted or delivery a breech baby naturally??

i saw some one on tv do it once lol and i'm pretty sure my brother came out either feet or arm first one or the other so yeah it can be done

Just wondering if anybody has attempted or delivery a breech baby naturally??

mines breech at the moment hoping he will turn, is your breech? how many weeks are you?
I spent a day at a BF clinic and a lady there had hers breech naturally. 5pd and early/unexpected though so don't know if the would have 'let' her if they had of known and she was bigger/on time.
My hospital is telling me they won't deliver breech babies naturally, there are a lot of risks and you can end up having an emergency c-section anyway.. I was booked in for a caesar today for at the end of the month, here's hoping my bubby turns but isn't looking likely for me, as she has been in the same position pretty much the whole time and is getting pretty darn big. Good luck on yours turning. I'm thinking of trying accupuncture, maybe that will help?

Yes, I have 3 children and I delivered my first 2 breech naturally.

Apparently I have a bi-Cornate Uterus and my babies don't turn.

I had an epidural with my first born, 5 hour labour, my 2nd labour was much quicker and drug free. My waters broke at 9pm, and my baby was born at 10.45pm. I was confident delivering the 2nd time as I had a private doctor and he had faith in me delivering breech. We were both suprised when my 3rd child was head first.

I think it is better than having a c-section. The baby is only monitored for 24hrs in itensive care, as pre-caution.

The beautiful thing about baby being head first, is you get to bond immediately after your birth. Have to say all 3 are the best experiences of my life.
I was breech! My mum delivered me naturally feet first. She had no pain relief and only had a small tear down there.

My mother in law said to me when I mentioned I was born breech "Oh, really?? You're very lucky then...... most breech babies suffer oxygen deprivation and aren't quite 'all there'." Charming woman she is...... This comment is not true and I would be searching around to get armed with as much info as possible.

I would definitely try for a natural birth if I had a breech bub on board. There are many research papers done on this subject and it can be done safely. Hospitals are always afraid of anything that is not completely typical but the human body is an amazing thing and doesn't always go with what is "normal"! Trust yourself smile
This baby (due end of oct) was in a breech position (its the "right" way round at the moment though) But i still talked a bit with my midwife about options if it were to stay breech.

She said i could still have a natural birth- and at home (we've been planning a home birth this time)

She just said she would rather have another midwife at the birth aswell who she knows has done several natural breech births before.

There are some interesting sites about natural breech births on the internet.

Still- i'd much rather this one stay head down from now on smile
ive had friends who were 'forced' into having C-sect for breech babies because the hospital refused to deliver otherwise..its bs there is no reason you cant begin a natural delivery and then go in for a C-sect if things arent working. ive also known many older generation women whove had natural breech births with no more trouble then if bub was head down. stupid litigation. op can you change hospitals so you can at least be given an informed choice?
Hi Best
My baby was breech all the while since the beginning. At around Week 32, my obstetrician started to talk to me about booking in for an elective C-section if she doesn't turn by Week 36. So I looked up the internet on how to turn babies and tried these few methods:
1. Chiropractor's Webster's technique - I went to a chiropractor qualified to do Webster's technique somewhere in Sydney CBD
2. Tried acupuncture (moxibustion) - this was recommended to me by the same chiropractor.
3. Prayed for divine intervention!

So when we turned up for our appointment at Week 36 to decide on the elective C-section date, she turned! My husband and I were so happy.
My baby was bum breech up until last monday (38.3 weeks). The doctors at the hospital were all prepared for me to have her naturally and the head OB was excited because alot of people choose to have a c-section as soon as they find out there bub is breech out of fear and most of the time the hospital staff wont do a natural delivery. They had it all planned until I had 2 ultrasounds last week and she went from bum first to transverse and finally head first =) if she does turn I'm still prepared for a natural delivery and if things don't work out a c-section is my last choice. My best piece of advice is get well informed and don't let them tell you which way your baby HAS to be born thats your choice. Good luck and best wishes =)

Just wondering if anybody has attempted or delivery a breech baby naturally??

I was in labour with my son and he was still breech. I was lucky enough that he turned just before born. Hospital was happy for me to go natural.
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