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Hi people,

I'm 36 weeks pregnant with my 3rd baby and I'm normally a great sleeper but last night i just couldn't. I finally fell asleep at 4:20am and woke again at 5:40am ready to go for the day. As you can all tell I'm up again tonight and it's now almost 1:30am and still have no desire to sleep.

Is this the start of labour? Has anyone had this happen to them too? Is anyone awake at this hour????
I had my third baby 5 months ago and I had that same problem when I was pregnant. Just could not sleep. No matter how hard I tried I would only get a couple hours sleep a night. My sleepless nights started when I was 6 months pregnant. I just tried to catch some zzzzzs when ever I could. ( which is not an easy task with two other children and a house to run). I just viewed the non sleep as my bodys way of preparing it self for a newborn lol. Good luck and I hope you get some sleep soon.
sleepless night last night for me too... DP got so sick of me tossing and turning he went and slept in the spare room. about 15 minutes later (after being able to stretch out) I fell asleep. coincidence? I think not lol!!!!

I find also I lie there with things going over and over in my head... having a good 'bed time' routine helps but doesn't work all the time. I am also trying not to drift off during the day, easier said than done though.
It's just generally not being able to sleep, it's feeling like I've been completely wired. I'm wide awake and functioning on next to no sleep, whereas normally i'd be a zombie by now. I sit here on the lounge watching tv hoping it would put me to sleep but I could get up and run a marathon and probably still not be tired LOL
I've been having alot of painless tightenings also. A tinge in my lower back accompany these tightenings but no pain as such. When I say a lot I mean I haven't been timing them but probably 3-4 every half hour maybe more.
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