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Rasberry leaf tablets / Tea from When? Lock Rss

Hi Ladies smile I have a few questions regarding the rasberry leaf tea/ Tablets.

1. Tea or tablet? whats the difference? Strength maybe??
2. From what gestation do you start the rasberry from? What is safe?
3. Is it safe to use / drink if trying for a VBAC.. as in it wont assist in rupturing your scar?

Thanks in advance for your replies - I am looking into them smile Hoping to have a quick and speedy VBAC this time round and i just wanna give it my best shot!
Safe to use in the third trimester.
I used tea for my last two pregnancies this time round I have the tablets plus tea. not sure of the difference though. Tablets are quite expensive but easier than drinking four plus cups of rasberry leaf tea.
Don't know about the vbac bit.

My first labour was 5 hours second was induced and 3 hours hoping for another quicky this time round.

Good luck

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I started using the tea somewhere in my 3rd tri - And apart from being totally yuck, it did bugger all = 4 days over due, 40 something hours labour and a severe 3rd degree tear.. Not pretty =
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