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labour?? Lock Rss

Hi ladies

Im so over this pregnancy and ready for this baby to come, i have been having some uncomfortable braxton hicks since about 30 weeks, seen my midwife yesterday and baby not engaged. Today i have had no braxton hicks baby still moving normal been feeling good untill now (2pm) have been hit with a bout of nausea some strong braxton hicks just went to the loo and lost a fair bit of mucus, could it be happening soon or am i just getting my hopes up and making something out of nothing?? would love to hear your thoughts

Was the mucus like a large clot of it like a chunk sort thing when I lost my plug with dd1 is was a blob of mucus like yea h a big blob chunk lol.
Are you spotting at all I had a little spotting after when I lost my plug with dd1.
Keep a eye on your contractions like if they get stronger I think you might have a good a chance of going into labour well I'm hoping you will for your sanity I hate the last weeks of pregnancies lol.
Best of luck hopefully you will hear a tiny pop and your waters breaks wink
Hi thanks for your reply

It wasnt a big blob and no blood in it no spotting either i an keeping an eye on the contractions hoping they become something the pain is just setting in in my back now so maybe

Hoping for the best for you darl and it's the real thing and if it is I hope you have a smooth birth smile xxx
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