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Deciding to go a elective ceaser (never had 1 b4) so i can get my tubes tied. Lock Rss

Hi ladies,

Questions on what you think about or have u had a ceaser to get your tubes tied?
I am 27 and this will be my 3rd bub I have a nearly 3 yo and my son will be 1 nxt mth this bub came as a major shock and wasnt expecting it still excited but wondering if anyone has done this or anything like that?

I'm having an elective cs this time due to emergency cs last time, and I had initially thought I would definitely get my tubes tied when I had the cs, but I've changed my mind since then, combination of things, but I also read some stuff that said it's not always as effective when having a cs as the swelling can cause it to fail, and there are more cases of it failing when done with cs. I don't know how true that is though, I read it on another page in the huggies forum. I also heard from friends that they wish they never did it because they've had so many problems because of it. So hubby is going to get the snip after this baby instead. Also I wouldn't get a cs if the only reason is getting your tubes tied, I think it's relatively minor keyhole surgery to do that on it's own, compared to the major surgery that cs is. Good luck with whatever you decide though smile

Hi there,

I considered this with my last pregnancy but was talked out of it by my midwife as you can have laparoscopy surgery done later to have your tubes tied. I also had a friend who needed to have a c section with her last pregnancy and chose to have her tubes tied at the same time. She said the recovery was longer. I am not sure I would choose to have a c section just to have my tubes tied either. Hope this helps smile
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