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Worried about having a big baby Rss

I have been really concerned that this baby is going to be huge.

My son was 7 pound 6, my daughter 8 pound 7, and well I am guessing this one will be at least 9.

My GP has said perhaps a c section would be a good idea, but I am really scared.


I too was worried that I would have a big baby for my 1st but instead she was only 6lb 8oz. Did you have problems having the 8lb 7 - like did you tear more or have more trouble than the first? Its amazing what our bodies are capable off...I mean tiny people having 10lb + babies and I admit that is scary!
I guess its totally your decision and if you are really scared about it maybe a c section will be better. I was afraid of tearing so I didn;t push as hard as I could and ended up pushing for 2 hours. It wasn't until I saw her head that I was like oh my god shes right there and I pushed harder. You wouldn't want to be too scared of the size to deliever the bub properly.
Anyway I'm sure you will make the right decision..just remember that we are amazing creatures and our bodies ability to give birth is amazing as it is!

Good Luck smile
What exactly is worrying you? Whether or not you decide on a c/s will probably depend on the answer to that question.

I have had big babies for my height/weight. I am 158cm tall and weighed around 47kg when I had my fourth child who was 10lb 4oz with a 37cm head, he was also 62cm long. My labour was 2hrs.

I think maybe too much emphasise is put on weight, when really it's the head circ. that would make all the difference and perhaps the shoulder size. I'm not sure.

Anyway, I hope if you decide to have a vaginal birth that it all goes well for you. And also if you decide to have a c/s.

Karen, mum to 7 wonderful children, Qld

Hi Michelle,

Don't worry about having a big baby you will be fine. My first son was 8lb 1oz and my second was 8lb 13oz. I am expecting my third also and believe that he will be above the 9lb mark. Don't always rely on what your G.P. says, C-section may not be what you need. I think you should get a second opinion. When are you due? It is what ever feels comfortable for you. Were your other two births normal? As long as your pelvis is wide enough to deliver you should be fine.

My first was 8lb 8oz. I was told my 2nd would be at LEAST 9lb by the doc doing my scans and a few midwives.

Jai came out 7lb 11oz. So so much for that theory! I had to go and buy 0000's.

Wanda, Melb. Cody 22.12.04 & Jai 30.4.06

I agree with all the other Ladies, My babies meassured like this:

#1 8lb 9oz: 12 stiches
#2 10lb 3oz his head circ: 38 cm's and only minor grazing,
#3 I am booked in to be induced on the 30th of May, My OB said this little man wont be any where near as big as the last 2 and I tend to agree I am no where as big as I was with them. Dont be worried, just be informed and make sure you have looked into all your pain releif options etc, and a little tip that I found after 24hrs of Labour with my 2nd was if you can, stay off the bed as long as you can, so as you can let Gravity take hold and help the baby come down a lot easier, I didnt, I got up on the bed too soon and thats why it took so long for me, another tip that worked for me with my 2nd having such a big head, listen to the midwifes as much as you can when you are pushing out the head/shoulders etc, it might help to avoid/limit the stiches or grazing you might be lucky not to get any at all, but if you are still really worried and think that a C section is for you then do what you think is the best for you and your Bubs, Goodluck!!!

My DD was 9pound 11, her head was 37cm and she was 55cm long. She is my first baby also...

I had some tearing but other than that no real probs.

Do you want a vaginal birth?
I am 17 and have a 5mth old bub. 4 days before i gave birth the obstertrician told me i was overdue because he thought my baby was too big for me. He said i would probably go thru labour and end up having a c section. Because of his comments i didn't sleep for those days because i was freaking out so much. I was induced and gave birth 12 hours later naturally (with the help of drugs) to my little girl. I had No trouble and i didn't even tear. Doctors aren't always right.
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