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Feeling sore Down below Lock Rss

Hi ladies I posted this the your pregnancy section .
I'm 36 weeks with no.2 and I feel so sore internally in my pelvic / vajay jay. It feels like a bad bruise. I has slight soreness early on but this past week it's gotten noticeably worse. Today its hurting to walk, get up from bed or sitting position to standing is really hurting.
So I'm wondering is it my body getting ready for labour? Or shld I be worried that I'm goin to rip in two?
I never had this with my first . I have a midwife app next week. I have no bleeding and the bubs is definitely moving around. Anyone else felt this???
I think it may be baby's head engaging. I'm 36 weeks and also feeling pain down there. I think bub is grinding his/her head on my pelvic bone!! It's very uncomfortable isn't it....... Your body probably is getting ready for labour but it may not happen for a few weeks.........I think if it does get unbearable ring your GP/midwife. smile

I had this while I was pregnant and I feel for you because it HURTS! I found it hurt to get out of bed, or do pretty much anything! For me I still went a week overdue so Im not sure that its everything getting ready or not but I was told it was because of the hormones softening everything ready for the birth... in saying that it could still be a while before you go into labour. Goodluck though and I hope it eases up for you as I know how uncomfortable it can be!
Oh I was hoping it was a sign that things downstairs was getting ready and that maybe i may go a bit earlier. I don't think I could stand this soreness for much longer! sad im so over it! I say baby anytime now wld b good!!! Lol
Oh i feel so sorry for you!! I have this same thing and im only 28 weeks! I never had this with my other 2 children and im so pleased lol cool
i have this to it feels like ive had a kick in the hoo haa with a steel cap boot!! partner thinks its a great laugh when i try to hobble around and when he asks why im walking funny i say my fanny hurts! they just dont get it! and a wheat bag just doesnt cut it, try a bath,that eased the pain for me.
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