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No 1 vs No 2 Labour Lock Rss

Im with you Leisah,

DS total of 4 hour labour.

DD total of 21 minutes.

with DD i was getting braxton hicks for an hour every afternoon for a week, some felt like mild labour, this happened for 2 weeks. later told i was going into labour each time but baby was stopped because of posterior.

When we decided to have number 3 i much rather the 4 hour labour (only cause DD i laboured in the back)

WOW! I'm hoping for a shorter labour but not THAT short,especially considering I live 30 mins (in non rush hour traffic) from the hospital!

My first one was 6 hours active labour (14 hours in total, but most of that was mild period-like cramps!)
DS1 = 3hrs 56 minutes

DS2 = 1hr 54 minutes

DS1 could have been even quicker had I not spent an hour pushing, at least 15 minutes of that trying to get past the 'ring of fire'. DS2 probably could have been quicker too had I not tried to slow the whole thing down a bit.

We're not having a 3rd child, but I would be seriously concerned about how fast that might be if we did; I reckon we'd be looking at under an hour based on past experience and how efficiently my body seems to labour.

yea i know what you mean, i live 30 mins away from hospital, luckily i saw my midwife that day and she did a s&s and told me to stay close cause i will have it that day or that night. i was tired of getting my hopes up so i thought if i stay near hospital i would jinx it. i went home n that night i woke up with waves of pressure pushing (didnt hurt) so i went in to be safe and as soon as i got out of the car at the hospital i went into labour.

i was even luckier cause i always said i wanted baby to be born on 11//11/11 and i had her at 1.21am, i got the birthdate, sex and the short labour i wanted, if only we can all be that lucky and get what we want all the time

#1 2 days of pre labour, but approx 8hr labour (loads of pushing getting nowhere)
#2 8hrs pre labour, 3hr labour (max 10mins pushing)

#3.... im scared! hhehehe
wow some of you ladies are fast!!!

DS1 26hrs

DS2 41hrs

both posterier with episiotamy's OUCH and now drugs just gas
DD1 was 17 hrs.
DD2 was 8 hrs. I managed to stay upright and was more relaxed with DD2.

Two beautiful girls, hubby working from home makes one happy mumma smile

First was 9 1/2 hours.
Second was 4 1/4 hours.
Am due in 8 days with number three. So fingers crossed number three is short but not too short.
My first was 4 hours 26 minutes for the whole thing

Second was 4 hours and 2 minutes for the whole thing.

Third is due in May although its likely ill have a c-section (Placenta previa) so hoepfully no labour for me
My first, DS I had mild back pain when I woke up, went to hosp at about 5pm, and he was born by 10pm

DD, contractions started at about 7pm, went in at 10 coz I was due to be induced, luckily I was 2 cm dilated so induction wasn't necessary. Waters broke, I have no clue what time and she was born at 5am.
DD1 - 23hr posterior birth

DD2 - 2hr, 10 mins

DD3 - 3hrs

1st 19hrs, posterior, 1 and a half hrs pushing, naturally

2nd 2 and a half hrs, 15 mins pushing (induced 1 day early only needed gel due to GD)

3rd 1 hr 50mins of actual labour, was induced took a long time for everything to get going 22hrs, 2 lots of gel, waters broken, drip, she was 2 weeks early due to GD and shoulder dystocia with DS(labour 2)

DD1: 7 hrs active labour, 1 & 1/2 hrs pushing (induced on drip) she was 8lb 9
DD2: 5 hrs active labour, 40 mins pushing (just had gel) she was 9lb

2nd time way better did it drug free - felt so much better post birth
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