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Labour and gestational diabetes Lock Rss

Hi ladies grin

I'm currently pregnant with #3 - this is my first baby with GD. I feel completely in the dark now in regards to the birth. No one has told me anything.
I'm on insulin every night and it's currently being increased every week.
Can anyone share what happens with a GD birth? Especially if you were on insulin.
Also did you resume a normal diet straight away??

Thank you smile

I had GD, although managed it through diet and I wasn't on insulin.

During labour, which lasted for about 12 hours, I had to check my blood sugar (finger prick in the usual way) every four hours or so. Normally I would have done it however long after a meal (can't remember now as it seems so long ago!) and during labour I didn't eat the whole time so there weren't any meals to do it after, but it just had to be done regularly and the midwife who was monitoring me told me when to do it.

I could stop testing myself immediately after the birth - all over and done with! (You do have to go back for a follow-up GTT six weeks later to be sure that it really was GD and so you've come right now, as opposed to it being real diabetes that hasn't gone away after the birth.)

DD's blood sugar had to be tested three times in her first 12 hours. She was fine, but if your baby gets a result that isn't fine then it will be off to SCBU, insulin would be given and the testing would continue for however long is deemed necessary.

I would assume - but could be wrong as I wasn't on insulin - that you would continue to have it during labour at the same times that you would normally have it. Not sure what happens after the birth though, whether you'd be weaned off it or just stop immediately.

With regards to resuming a normal diet, yes, you can pretty much do what you like ... obviously within reason if you're BFing, since lots of sweets and things aren't great for BFing mothers, but like anyone could BF without stepping up the carbs! Seriously you will need those carbs to be able to feed! So yeah, GD doesn't restrict what you can eat anymore, but then what you can eat while BFing will become your main concern ... *sigh* ...

Good luck!
I had gd with both pregnancies, although I was only diet controlled.

I was told that, as a GD patient, I may be induced at around 38 weeks if it didn't seem to be well controlled but ended up being allowed to go into labour naturally with both.

Both my labours were pretty short (6hrs and 3.5hrs) so I just tested when I would normally test and that was it. DD had one heal prick test to check her levels after the birth and that was it. DS had one done after his last feed but his levels were low. They gave him a small amount of formula to give him a boost and checked his levels again after that where they were fine. Since he'd had the low reading just after birth though he had to have heal prick tests done every 3 hrs for the first 24hrs and then every 6 hrs from 24-48hrs after birth.

For me, I checked my levels for the next day each time but that was just me being cautious. I ate what I wanted though and didn't worry about servings etc. If my levels had been high I would have started being careful about what I was eating again but they were fine so I stopped testing. Obviously being on insulin there might be a different procedure but your midwife/diabetes educator should be able to explain what that is.

Like the pp said, I had a GTT at the 6 week mark just to get the final all clear from the GD. I also go back for a GTT every year as having GD + a family history of type 2 diabetes + my weight makes me a high risk of developing type 2 diabetes so, if I do develop it, I'll be diagnosed fairly early.

I have GD with this pregnancy and I also had it with my last one. I was on insulin 4 times a day with both.

With my last pregnancy my diabetes was not very controled at the end, I was induced at 38 weeks as they told me baby was huge. She ended up being only 7lb9oz, they put her on a drip for 48 hours to help her with her own sugar levels. She is now 3 and a 1/2 and perfectly normal and no sign of diabetes. At the end of my pregnancy I had extra ultrasounds and CTG scans, apart from monitoring my sugar levels and taking my insulin as directed it was pretty strait forward. At my 6 week check up I had the GCT again and was perfectly normal.

This pregancy is going well and apart from them telling me baby is BIG (not sure if I totally believe them after last time) things are progressing the same as last time. I will be induced again this week @38weeks and will do the follow up test at 6 weeks. Bub will probably need drip like my daughter did but they have a peaditriction come and asses that as soon as bub is born.

During labour they will monitor your sugar levels from time to time and after birth you go straight back to a normal diet and no insulin they may or may not check your levels a couple of times but they really dont csre about you (in a nice way) they just make sure bub is ok.

I hope you make sense out of this I will appologise for any spelling mistakes and not making a lot of sense but im tired and need to go to bed now. Good luck with it all and if you want to know more just ask. Oh just to let you know this is pregnancy number 6 for me so I am aware of what its like to not have GD with pregnancy. They do tell you of some of the risks with having GD but iv not known any one who has had any problems other than bub getting to big and having to have a cesarean. If they think bub will be that big they will book you in to be induced at 38 weeks.
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