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  5. i have written out my birth story if anyone is interested

i have written out my birth story if anyone is interested Rss

If you click on my blog which is in my signature it'll take you straight there.

Enjoy! smile

sounds like a pretty good birth glad it went well
Awesome! Was going to ask you as I think you mentioned drug free and just getting through it with your iPod in And wanted to ask more to help me for six weeks time wink

Will go read it now!

I have been waiting for this..... what a beautiful birth story wub
My blog, take a peek into my world

wow you did amazing and it has me super excited for my upcoming birth.


btw i remember telling u not that long ago all the wonderful things about the last few weeks... can you now remind me haha
absolutely amazing, you're making me want another one!!

Aw that's was awesome to read smile well done- was that all you or did you do calm birth classes or anything? Ah I'm blubbering lol don't know if it was your DHs reaction to you having a son, your daughter crying before you left or just my own hormones lol

Thanks for sharing x

Champion effort you clever lady grin
No I didn't do any classes tallulahbelle - I'm not sure why but both my births have been that way, I feel like I don't have the energy to make noise or do anything but breathe and focus. The ipod helped heaps though. I was listening to adele for most of it and her voice is really calming. smile

I have a friend who screamed so loud that the nurses in both the wards could hear her! I just think that doing that keeps you way too alert and focussed on pain - you need to be able to get yourself to that other place in your mind that makes it all ok.

Thanks for sharing!

im putting a playlist together today for my labour and adele is number one on my list chalys. can i ask what else u would recomend????
Thanks for sharing smile
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