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Casey Hospital Rss

Hi exhausted mummy! I had my DS in Casey Hospital in 2010. I was also with my BFF when she had DS1 in 2008 and DS2 in 2010. Overall my experience with them has been good.

I had originally been hoping to go to Dandenong but it is all zoned so when going public with Southern Health you don't get a whole lot of choice (unless you have some risk related to your pregnancy). I did GP shared care so only saw midwives at hospital around 12 weeks and 34ish weeks. In saying that they were SO lovely that I tried to change to midwife care after my 12 week appt but they were booked out.

For BFFs DS1 it was a long labour, she had gas and pethidine and they were a bit slow to get drugs to her but she had originally said she wanted no pain relief. No other issues.

With her DS2 the midwife was not fantastic. Her labour was short and he was almost born in toilet. She was lucky as that mw had wanted to send her home because she wasn't in 'good labour'; her DS2 would've been born on the side of the road if she'd left LOL Bit of a lack of communication from the midwife.

With my DS my waters broke first and the mw then were fantastic for monitoring. When i went back in later in labour the mw was a bit average and they ended up inducing me. In hindsight I should've said no as there really was no need (he was 5 days early so could've waited) and eventually through him being posterior and big he was born by c-section. I had gas and an epidural. Anaesthetist, surgeons and nurses were amazing and all had to be called in as it was a Sunday night but they got there so quick. So good!

So basically there were a few negative points but overall I think it is a good hospital. If I was able to go there again with the next one I would but I still don't think they're rated high enough for non-low risk births.

Good luck with your decision! Sorry for the long post!!

hi i had DD2 at the casey hospital in june 2011. I went midwife case load care, I saw the same midwife the whole way through my pregnancy and birth. Anne was fantastic, very easy to talk too, did not rush us at appointments, she was already at the hospital (assisting in a birth) when I went in to labour so we got showed to a room and Anne came in an couple of hours later, we were mostly left to ourselves in that time (this was cool with us, other middys just poked there head in every so often) when Anne came in she could see she I was in the zone so just sat back. very non intrusive, only did an internal when I asked and then suggested the bath, shortly after i got in the bath Anne's 12 allowed shift was over (because of 2 births in one night) but she started on with me and another middy came in to do the official bits.
after the birth Anne stayed long enough to get bubs and I settled, I asked for early discharge, so i went home 5 hrs after the birth. Anne came by the next 3 days to check on us and then twice more in the first week.
all round we were really really happy with the service we received. she even taught Dh how to do acupressure when I went over due.
she would have been happy to do a home birth and was willing for DD1 to be present at the birth if required (all our family is interstate and if I went early we would not have had a baby sitter. luckily I went 5 days over and MIL was able to have DD1)
hope this helps. you can PM me if you want anymore info.

Two beautiful girls, hubby working from home makes one happy mumma smile

i had my ds at monash hospital and although the hospital was busy and like a zoo their care was great and so i really wanted to go there again this time.
when i booked in for this pregnancy they let me go to monash again but due to my hyperemesis 1 hour long car rides for each appt and admissions for rehydration (im in cranbourne) was not ideal so i opted to change to casey.

they have been amazing!!! every appt i go to im in within 5 minutes of turning up (monash was min 1hr wait) and apart from one or two midwives who were a little hard to warm to they have all been lovely.
they have been very thorough with their care of me and the hospital in itself is lovely. the ward is so nice and peaceful and the rooms are nice and new. they offer water births (im planning on one) and although i havent birthed there yet i will hopefully be able to update in a few days how my experience was smile
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