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Inducing labour Lock Rss

Hi gals, Went for more monitoring today due to the high bp but it has come right down now (about 144/80) and the midwife said she was pretty happy with that and that i must have been relaxing at home now - i said yes, my house is suffering but who cares?! lol

anyway, then the doc came in, she said she will do an internal on thursday (FREAKING out about that cos i remember the ones when i was in labour with DD sad ) and see what the best way to induce will be and also work out a day to induce - she was thinking next sunday!!

So, just wanted to know who has been induced? is it awful? did it really make labour that much more intense and hard? was the internal exam as bad as i have put it in my mind? what is involved in inducing?

So excited to be meeting baby soon but scared of bringing it on lol

Omg Hun how fast has your pregnancy gone!!!!!
I haven't been induced but my cousin was she had bad preeclampsia and had the gel in her who who I don't know if she was hooked up to putossion (sp) but it took two goes of the gel and she labored for 6 hours and her ds born she had a episiotomy as her ds was like "hey arnold" with a foot ball shaped head laugh
But she did say it came on quicker a I suppose harder but when I think of it labour is labour its gonna hurt no matter how it's started laugh good luck sweetie I hope it's all over quickly and you have a fantastic straight forward birth smile
Lmlb- you are so right, labour hurts full stop so I may as well just man up (or "woman" up laugh) and get on with it lol this inducing thing has thrown me gasp

Your poor cousins babies head- too funny, did it come good? Off topic- do you watch family guy? Stewies got that shaped head and one day they bumped his head and it went round like ours- it looked hilarious grin this pregnancy has gone fast, I think that's also why I'm freaking out!!

Windmill- thanks so much for all that info, that's perfect! I'm like you- don't want to be a passenger. I like to know all the facts/info and then I can deal cos as they do things I would know its all part of the process smile none of it sounds great though!!

I had heard once you are induced there is a higher chance of intervention etc.. So I'm glad you reminded me to bring that up- might just point out to them where necessary to ask me first or just TRY to wait before intervening- I don't know, I'm sure they get sick of girls like me telling them how to do their job but I really want this to happen as natural as we can - will have to go get on my fitball today wink

Thank you so much girls xx

I was induced with my first and will be induced again in about 8-10 weeks. It isn't much fun, but hey, nothing about childbirth is really!

I agree with Windmill totally, you need to know what is going on from the start. Even though they are probably really busy and may try and rush you, make sure they explain every process clearly, from the start. If they want to monitor baby ask for a portable one if you want to be able to get up and move around.

I would also be prepared in terms of pain relief. It can be fairly intense right from the start without much build up. I would be asking about pain relief before they even put the Hormone drip in if you need that. There are a lot of alternatives out there. I wanted an epidural, but my labour ended up being so quick (2 1/2 hours), that they wouldn't give me one because I was 'too late' in asking for one. But I had contractions pretty much every two minutes for that time.

Good luck!

Sorry, no help with inductions here, but just wanted to say all the best for when it does happen!!!! Very exciting to meet your new bub very soon!!!
I was induced and everyone had told me it makes labour start off so much more intensely, but I didn't actually find it that hard to start with. I breathed and walked my way through the first 6 or 7 centimeters, so I don't think it was any worse or harder for me than a 'natural' labour would have been (though I have no point of comparison!)

It's a matter of them getting the right amount of drug coming through the drip, if they put too much through things go too quickly, not enough, too slowly, so they do tend to adjust your drip until things are going the way they should be. It did get stupidly painful at one point early on when they turned the drip up too fast, but they sorted that out really quickly.

Like Clax mentioned about the monitors, the biggest piece of advice I can give you is make sure that one of the first things you do when you've settled in the labour room is ask for a wireless monitor, otherwise you won't be able to walk and move around freely. (The hospital I was at only had a limited number of cordless monitors, so if it's the same where you are, it's important to ask straight away). The monitors are still a bit of a pain, they slip out of position and they dig into you, but at least with the cordless ones you're not tethered to the machine.

Also, you can ask them to take the monitor off you for a short period so you can use the shower for pain relief.

I was told by a midwife that one of the reasons there's a higher chance of intervention in induced labour is that women get so thrown by the 'medical' side, the monitor and drip etc that they forget to do all the things they learn in antenatal classes, they don't move around enough and use positions that keep labour progressing the way they might have if labour had started naturally. I don't know how true that is (my DS ended up being vacuumed out on the last push, but I don't think that was anything to do with the induction), but it's something I kept in mind during labour - when my brain worked at all... so in the first stage anyway wink.

Hope it all goes well for you, it's exciting to know your baby will be in your arms soon smile
i dont know about induction i just wanted to say goodluck how exciting smile
Thanks girls!

Katy - you have eased my mind a little, thank you smile your labour doesnt sound as traumatic as i had in my mind so even if i go in thinking that, it should help me!!

Clax, thank you for the info! I hope they have portable monitors, i have a funny feeling they dont (its a small hospital, honestly they have hardly anything sad ) but atleast i can go in on thursday and chat about pain relief, portable monitors etc.. and now i know what to ask for! Thank you and all the best in 8 weeks - how exciting! So many of us are due, its amazing grin

Unique, Cowgirl Mumma and T - thanks for the good wishes, i CAN NOT believe this time has come lol so fast...Thanks girls, will put up the announcement (soon!) xx

Lmlb- you are so right, labour hurts full stop so I may as well just man up (or "woman" up laugh) and get on with it lol this inducing thing has thrown me gasp

Your poor cousins babies head- too funny, did it come good? Off topic- do you watch family guy? Stewies got that shaped head and one day they bumped his head and it went round like ours- it looked hilarious grin this pregnancy has gone fast, I think that's also why I'm freaking out!!

I so remember that episode too I use to love love love family guy laugh my cousins boy isn't so little now his like 8 years old and with a perfect head his a handsome lil guy smile maybe bubs needs a good talking to from mummy about coming before your induction wink I really do hope you get the birth you really want sweetie xoxo

I have never been induced so no words of wisdom here lol.
I just wanted to say goodluck and i hope everything goes well. I can't get over how fast your pregnancy has gone. How exciting for you grin

Ah thank you! Neither can I, seriously it feels surreal lol


Hey just relax n enjoy !!!!
When I was pregnant with my son I reached 2 weeks over due I was induced to give birth when I hit 42 weeks and 2 days
From my experience the labor went on longer then it did for my second child I had a natural labour with my youngest and it only went for 6 hours or so with my son it took much much longer
Labor is painful all together but at the end it is soo bloody worth it
The first night is always the longest only because u won't stop looking at your child
The way I see getting induced it takes longer to dilate but in some cases it's the only way to get bub to want to come out my son was pushing to come out for almost two weeks per getting induced he come out 5 kg and 54.5 cm tall he also jumped strait on anti biotic when he was born only because I was putting off the inducing for an extra two days n it stressed bub out so for those mums to be forget all about natural labor if u in pain gas it and if ur not dilating enough get induced because the worst feeling is watching ur new angel having to be injected ever so minutes with anti biotic and not being able to Brest feed for the first week because his got all these tubes in his or hers little arm it was a hard time for us and if only I decided to say yes to being induced sooner instead of wanting to be a all natural person so I'm all up for inducing a labor even at 38 weeks don't worry these doctors are not out for a kill they all about mum n bubs safety so per getting it done research it so u can be prepared but it does take longer n is more intense then a natural labor smile))



I was induced at 10 days over with my first, with the gel.
4 hour & 12 minute labour.

With my second, I went into labour naturally at 3 days over.
4 hour & 3 minute labour.

I must say, my induced labour came on pretty hard & fast, but
Then again with my natural labour 2 hours into it felt exactly the same!

Both labours were a positive experience & drug free:)
I wish you the best of luck for your birth

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