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Giving birth second time round ! Lock Rss

I'm due to have bubby number 2 in 6 weeks !!! And i'm scared s**tless lol.

With first baby I was scared of course from hearing how painful it is but was more excited and had a pretty positive mind about it all.

I got through it with just gas on and off for the last hour of contractions and had no rips or tears while pushing so u would say i had a pretty straightforward non complicated labour, which still doesn't mean it didn't friggen hurt !!!!!

How did u feel with your second pregnancy knowing just how excrusiatingly(sp) painful it was.

I'm trying to stay positive and i'd definatly like to try and go no drugs this time round too !!

I focussed on remembering how amazing those first newborn cuddles are
The first time it you don't know what to expect and your body hasn't done it before either.

For your second your body will have a memory of what is happening and you will be able to recognise what is happening more.

It can be scary but if you use your knowledge for good and use what you remember to prepare yourself for the next stage during labour then you will find yourself in more control over what is happening to you.

Good luck for your birth smile
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I was seriously dreading it. My MW asked me at my 36 week check if I had any pains yet, like false labour. I told her there was no way I was ready for it. I told her I didn't want to panic like I did the first time. Four days later DD2 was born, 'unexpected' at 37 weeks.

Unfortunately the pain is the same.


the second time around will hopefully be quicker so you have more energy to cope. Plus the pushing stage is much much quicker.

you know you can do it because you have done it before.

you know how bad it can get and once you are at that level you know you are so close to meeting your baby.

mostly just focus on each contraction, breathing your way through it. Knowing each contraction is one closer to meeting your baby.
Seeing as you had a 'good' birth first time round, you should statistically have something similar this time.

I had two great births, second one was much shorter and was only 5 weeks ago and seriously - as much as it's excruiciating it's not forever... and in the space of a lifetime it's only a very short time of your life. I refused to let negative thoughts crowd my head in the lead up to my little mans birth. I told myself that I'm strong, and I'm not scared because I know that I can do this.

And another thing.... in about 4 weeks time you will begin to be completely OVER it. Those last 2 weeks drag by, and in that last week you just want it out. By the time I had ds I had been WANTING to go into labour and looking forward to it because it wouldn't be long and he'd be OUT!

I still say that last week of pregnancy is harder than labour, and for me this time around pregnancy was harder than he is now..

You'll be fine! You were made for this!

I am also due in about six weeks and have been wondering how it will be different!

My waters broke at 37 wks before I had any contractions for DD (18 months ago) so I never had to guess when to go to hospital or if I was in labour because as soon as they broke I was told to go in and gave birth about 12 hours later.

My ob said that I am likely to have my waters break first again - and that the baby will prob be early this time too. She also said second labours are usually shorter (which seems to be what most are saying here!)... but that (sigh) second babies are usually bigger. Ah!

I am trying to focus on the post-labour bit and holding another little baby!

Fingers crossed for you!
My second was much easier than my first! And over 2lb heavier too lol.

I just kept focusing on the fact that the pain was GOING TO END laugh And it did. And my recovery time was much much better also.
I had a pretty straight forward birth the first time around - had the whole cocktail of drugs however and was pretty damn petrified going into my first birthing experience - mainly because it was all new and I was scared and had no idea what I was doing, or what I should REALLY expect. I had no tried and true ways to deal with the pain that I was experiencing as I'd never felt anything like it before!

However - I am actually looking forward to this next birthing experience! I'm only 13 weeks at the moment, but knowing that my body is made for popping little babies out (if only it was that easy! haha) I have done it all before, and the amazing little boy that I got to meet at the end, that 'I' gave birth to - I'm in a much better mindset.

I have a plan and am not going to just 'wing it' this time. I'm using my previous experience, wisdom and knowledge and it's now being used to my advantage! As some of the other ladies above have said, you'll know what your body is doing, how long it will last, and what stages happen and when.

Good luck! You will do great - you've done it before - and yep - getting that first cuddle is well and truly worth it!
The first time around I was petrified and it turned out to be a long and hard labour (24 hours), and had the full cocktail of drugs to get me through.
So second time around, I was determined to just get a bit more control and not let fear control me, and so I used that determination to my advantage and made it empower me the second time. It was alot more straightforward, and yes, shorter! I had no drugs second time around, and that is testament to how you can use that knowledge from the first time to your advantage.

So I went determined to get through it faster and more in control, and if possible, without drugs. It went from 24 hours to 6 hours second time.

Much better experience all round second time.

At the end of the day though, the biggest thought in my head was that it won't last forever, as my husband kept saying it's such a small time really, and soon get to meet baby. But let the experience of the first empower you for the second. It won't ever be as bad as the first time in some ways because knowing what it is like takes some of that fear away. Plus your body should know what it's doing the second time so hopefully it will be easier for you and quicker.

Good luck, I'm sure you will do fine and just think in no time it will all be over.

Peta R.
I found my Secound much easier than my first pain wise it's the same but I found I handled it far more better more in control
And the pushing was much easier and quicker
Even after the birth i found recovery time far more quicker for me
Or maybe not I was so busy maybe I didn't notice like my first wink

All the best
I found the second time to be much easier. I was much better prepared and knew exactly what I wanted. The labour was only just over 2 hours and while it was very intense, I was much calmer than with my first because I knew what was happening. Good luck.

I felt exactly the same as you when I was counting down the day until DD2's arrival!

DD1's birth was a pretty traumatic 23 hr posterior birth with all the works; a failed epi, ventouse delivery and 3rd degree tear; so not a piece of cake at all.

I was dreading going into labour for the 2nd time BUT

DD2's labour started calmly and not painfully at all. I was only aware of slight contractions after I became restless and couldn't sit still. Fast forward to 2 ouchy contractions, water breaking and pushing started all in the space of less than 2 hrs!! DD2 was almost born on the side of the road bcoz I was still in denial that I would have a quick birth as DD1 took so long.

No pain relief with DD2 - no time for it plus it really wasn't painful at all.

So please try not to stress, I'm living proof that you can have two (or three if you count DD3) completely different births. Good luck with it all!

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