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More worried about 1st birth or later births? Lock Rss

Im pregnant for the 2nd time and am thinking sooooooo much more about this birth. (not due till december!)

I think the first time is much less scary as you dont really know what to expect ... just expect the worst.

I had what would be considered a 'quick and easy birth'. Less than 2 hrs of labour, unplanned homebirth with no complications. But this is not to say it was a fun day out!

And so this time im more worried. I also had a dinky baby 6lb 8oz so what if I end up with a huge one this time. And you know what the pain feels like and not keen to do that again. Ring of fire!!!! and the bruised feeling you have for the week or so after.

How many of you were more worried about your second labours and births?
Or did you you go with the knowledge is power approach????
Personally I like the 'not knowing' idea! Still feel abit jipped about all the things they didnt tell you about birth ... but was definialty a better place to be.
I was discussing this with my mum this morning!

I was so scared as labour progressed - I had no coping mechanisms for the pain as I had no idea what pain I was meant to be experiencing! But knowledge is power - I'm going into this birth (november) with a great attitude - My body is absolutley made to have babies - and I am working on ways to have a more comfortable birth - to manage the pain.

I'm actually very excited about this birth and I'm strangely looking forward to it! I'm not scared anymore as I know I've came out of it last time perfectly fine (be it sore! haha)
hi.. yes i was exactly the same!! Like you said, first time round you don't know what to expect, so I was so nervous about the second time.
My first labour was 6 hours.. very fast and intense but bearable. The nurses kep telling me the second time would probably be a very quick delivery.
But I ended up being induced and baby was prosterior, so it was quite painful and i required stitches!! Ouch!
Its really just something that you cant prepare yourself for, as you really don't know how things will go. I wouldn't be worried about size of baby though, as this usually has nothing to do with pain or tearing.. My friend had a 9lb 10oz baby in less than 2 hours, no tear.. but then went on to have a 7lb 8oz and she needed 30+ stitches!!!!
Good luck smile
hi, try not to stress too much, it solves nothing.

I will give you some hope though. DS was 4 hour labour and i got 3 stitches, then 2 years later i had Dd, i was more worried about how quick the birth will be rather then the pain. i was in labour for 21 minutes, i didnt get the ring of fire second time round however, with Ds i laboured in the front which in my opinion is alot LESS painful then Dd which i laboured in the back.

Ds was 8 pound 13 (14 days overdue)
Dd was 9 pound 4 (due date)

Good luck ladies. i hope that has eased your mind a little smile

With my first I never really worried a just kinda sat back and just took it all in even giving birth I read what was given to me so when labour started I was excited cos it ment yay I was gonna met her
Wow we're my socks knocked off with how intense a contraction can get
Secound time round I didn't start thinking bout labour till I got till about 30 weeks and that's when I started thinking could I handle it will I tear will she be healthy

But it was odd when labour started not one thought crossed my mind again I was excited cos i was giong to meet my Secound
I handled my Secound labour far more better and calmer than my first
I am crapping myself with the thought of labour this time. My last was an 18min labour - he was out at 16min, and weighed 10lb 12oz
I went into shock afterwards, and had huge problems with my blood pressure - Bub was taken away for the first 6hrs, while they worked on me to get it down. The staff were scared that I would have a massive stroke on the delivery bed.

I haven't really been worried before - but my last one was truly scary, not the labour so much, but the aftermath, and I am scared of that happening again.
I am expecting my fourth baby in September and I get more scared about giving birth with every baby. They keep getting bigger (last one 10 pound 4) and harder to get out. The labour I can handle with no problems, just the giving birth is living hell as far as I'm concerned. That 'ring of fire' that goes on for the hour it takes me to push the baby out (the length of time it takes hasn't decreased at all for me) gives me nightmares. It took me 2 years after the birth of my last child to be able to think about his birth without shedding tears. NOT looking forward to this one!!!
I agree..with my first I never really thought about labour, even when doing birth classes. But I had my DS at 34 weeks and he was small. I had a quick 5 hour drug free labour, with that I didn't realise I was in labour until I was 5cm. I'm about to have my second in 3 weeks and am crapping myself. I feel like its going to be like I'm having my first baby as this one will be bigger, full term. I'm really worried about tearing and maybe having to be induced. I've hear so many stories about every labour is meant to be quicker. But I know that when it starts.. all that is going to be so far from my mind.
Thanks everyone for your replies ... Glad to hear that im not the only one thinking about this next birth so much.

Im sure that by time I hit that late 30 weeks ill be in the same frame of mind as last time 'just get it out!' And 'it only lasts a day' smile

ddon im in the same boat as you where I know I can handle the labour its just the pushing that kills me! From everyone that I had talked to about labour they said that once it comes to pushing time the pain of contractions goes away when you push. NEVER mentioned the ring of fire part ... I must have said over and over again that I was not going to push.

Anyway turns out I did push and my girl was born - after 1 and half hrs of pushing. Pretty much the same amount of time that my labour was!

We all go on to do it again and sometimes again and again, so must be worth all the pain! smile smile

And I think im going to change my wording .. its not that im worried about the birth but dont feel any more confident than with my first birth. Sort of felt like I should feel like a pro. But feel put off knowing what its actually like.

Good luck to everyone with your births.
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