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Getting nervous! Rss

With my due date fast approaching in 10 weeks, I'm getting quite anxious!

This is very new to me as it's my first baby. I've noticed I'm getting very anxious and suffering from anxiety and a stressed tummy thinking about what's is store for me. Just in need of a bit of reassurance. Thanks mums!
I'm due in 10 weeks too with my third. Whats your date? Mine is 8 August! I agree with khmum. Just focus on what it would be like holding your first child in your arms. You will know how to handle the birth, You are stronger than you think.
Give it a few more weeks ... you need to get bigger and more uncomfortable then youll be well and truely ready to give birth! smile good old mother nature.

Wishing you all the best with your labour and meeting your little person smile
Thanks for your lovely replies. It's just nice to hear from other mums some reassuring words to help ease my nerves. Yes I am trying to think beyond the pain to holding my little boy in my arms. I am so over the moon to be a first time mum, DH is excited too. I can't wait to look at our little boy and think "We created this!".

I think it's the thought of the unknown that nerves me the most of not knowing what to expect. That makes me jittery. Thanks OrangeLily I will check out bubhub.

Elzette_Smit my due date is the 9th August, day after yours grin
Normal to be anxious. It's really hard to prepare for something that you have never done before. Try not to worry too much. Labour is very do-able, and as the previous person said you really only have to get through one day. Your body was made to do this. Just listen to it and go with what it is telling you. You can never be fully prepared, but go in with an open mind and an educated brain. Every labour is different so you can only go in ready to make the best decision for you at the time and with someone who will support you in those decisions.
How are you traveling? Just keep your mind open to anything that may happen. Are you taking rasberry leaf tea? Sbs has a show one born every minute which is an eye opener for me. My son was breech since 31weeks so I haven't had a full term labour. I am hoping I get to with my daughter.

It's really hard I know but just try to relax and had faith in your body. Fear and anxiety only makes you tense and can actually cause labour to be longer.

I had a cd of birth affirmations i listened to every day from about 20 weeks and I also listened to them while in labour. I had a long, drawn out time of it and my birth wasn't to plan but I stayed relaxed the whole time and still actually enjoyed the experience.

Good luck!
Its completley normal!
The first time i was so scared and i would love to tell you that the feeling goes away but it prob wont as its something you have no idea about and no amount of stories from others helps because you know everyone is different! Despite all that though the day i went into labour i was so focused and kept such control i couldnt believe it! I had planned on using drugs as i didnt think i would cope and ended up going drug free! Just remember to prepare yourself for anything, dont worry about what it will be like! I found that when i went in expecting it to be whatever it would be i coped better than i think i would have it i went in scared about it! Just remember that you can do it, even when you think you cant and then at the end of it all it just seems to slip away, the pain is non exsitant and that baby is all you can see!
I have 11 weeks left with #2 and im still so nervous so it never really goes away!!
Good luck with it all!!!

Hi there, wow how exciting but nerve wracking for you! I totally understand your being anxious about the birth and I wanted to say that nothing can really prepare you for childbirth whether you have a great birth or not it is unlike anything else you will go through in your life. As previous posters have said just try to stay focused on the end result, you know its gonna hurt and it may go on for a bit BUT there is nothing to compare to the moment you first hear him cry and then hold him in your arms, its magical!! What I wish people had told me about was the emotional roller coaster you may experince after the birth, especially if things dont go smoothly. Try and read up a bit on what happens to your hormones after the birth, I wish I had, it was pretty full on for me and I was NOT ready for it! Especially when your milk comes in. the way you feel can swing dramatically those first few days after. All the best for your birth, I hope it is a wonderful experience for you x
It is frightening but we women were built tough smile Be open minded, do what you must to cope and don't be disappointed if things don't go as you planned.

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I remember feeling like that with DS too, but by the end I was very big and uncomfortable and over it! I was both scared and excited at the same time, but once everything started happening I was kind of resigned to it. The birth ended up being quite bad but seeing a perfect gorgeous baby boy after everything was awesome. I'm due 12 August with #2 smile

Wow! So much advice, helpful stories and reassurance. Thanks for sharing the love ladies I really appreciate it. I'm going alright at the moment thanks. About 4 days ago though I suffered from anxiety pretty bad as I have a history of it. It got so bad I really couldn't breathe properly for 2 days and started to freak out and panic. I know that sounds silly and all but when I worry about something for so long the result gets pretty extreme for me. I'm back to my normal self again today and yesterday thankfully and now just working on relaxing more.

I'm 31 weeks now and feeling quite emotional, tired and uncomfortable and getting a little grumpy with DH lately too over the most silliest things but I don't mean too! Argh, feeling at a loose end at the moment but I know this is all part of it and I will feel like myself again soon.

I will start to drink raspberry leaf tea from 32 weeks as I've read it helps to tone the uterus making labour contractions more efficient helping for a faster birth.

Trying to keep as positive as possible because to hold my little boy in my arms is my ultimate goal.
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