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Hi ladies,

I'm due to have my first baby late August, and I'm looking for some experienced mumma's opinions' on different positions. I am hoping to have a natural birth without pain relief and wanted to know what positions have been found the most comfortable both during labour and for the actual birth.
I'm hoping to use a gym ball, bean bag and warm shower/bath to help ease contraction pain during labour and I'm interested in using a birthing stool for the delivery. I'd love to hear your experiences with these methods and any suggestions of positions I could try.

I ended up being induced owing to preeclampsia and being induced I had to have monitoring so my range of movement was limited. I was really keen on keeping birth as natural as possible especially given that so many choices were taken away from me but I found having the bed head raised and leaning over it was great, anything that opens up your pelvis and keeps some gravity going helped. I liked leaning over the bed, leaning on my knees or standing and leaning on the bed as it gave support but allowed me to wiggle my hips which helped relieve pain. Unfortunately I couldn't try water etc owing to all the darned equipment! Good luck
coast yoga at glenelg run a great active birth workshop.
Every woman and every labor will be different. Ask the midwives for suggestions and be prepared to try their suggestions. My midwife suggested I get on hands and kness on the bed and lean into a huge beanbag. I was reluctant at first but it was so fantastic to labor in that position. I ended up pushing on my back but that was due to bub being in distress and needing closer monitoring etc.

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With my DS in particular, I found sitting on chairs and the bath to really help. My hospital doesn't allow water births but, after seeing how much relief I got from water and sitting, my midwife suggested that she could bring the birthing chair into the bathroom and place it in the shower area. I'd never considered using a birthing chair, I'd delivered my DD on the bed, but I'm so glad I decided to try her suggestion. I was able to have the shower running with it positioned so that the water was only going down my back which meant I met their requirements for it to not be a water birth (no water over his face when he's born etc) but still had the benefits of the water for myself. Best thing she could have suggested for me and, if we decide to have another child, it is definitely something I want to try again.

I just kept moving and just tried anything i could to relieve the pain.

Walking, kneeling on the bed on all fours rocking back and forth. Leaning on my partner and we would sway from side to side.

Leaning over the babies cot while standing and rocking from side to side. Heat packs bath shower, just everything i think your body knows and does what makes you most comfortable at the time !!

I gave birth lying on my side on the bed. The midwife held up one of my legs while I was pushing

I was just flat on my back... I wouldn't advise it tho but I felt too weird in any other position.

ME - 23
DH - 25

Miss Willow

Keeping fit and healthy in pregnancy!!

Hi there,

During contractions I just knelt or bent over a chair while being supported by my husband. When it came to the business end, I was prepared to go on all fours, but the pressure and gravity made it more uncomfortable so I ended up on my back, told to people to pull my legs up and gave two big pushes. Your midwife may have some good suggestions or Google.

Take Care
During my (short) labours, I like to walk around and lean on DH or some furniture during contractions. By transition and delivery, all I wanted to do during both of my labours was be in the birthing pool, kneeling up leaning over the side.

It's so important to do whatever feels best at the time, though. For a small number of women being on their back works the best. And sometimes your body is intuitively repositioning a baby not in the ideal position yet. Midwife Thinking tells about a women who was labouring in a pool and suddenly felt it right to float up onto her back. I'm pretty sure it was a posterior baby and that was precisely the best position to allow baby to turn.
Wow, thanks guys! I know rocking and swaying will be involved quite a bit, I find it helps ease (or at least tricks my mind into believing so) all injuries and pain.
I have had all fours suggested to me before, I think all fours in a birthing pool and rocking backwards and forwards would be good for contractions but I really want to try this birthing stool idea.
Hopefully my natural instincts do kick in and my body takes control for smooth sailing!
Keep the suggestions flowing though, it's great to hear about others' experiences!

Cheers smile
I tried all of the above and was like you focused on having a natural as possible birth and when my daughter entered the world my husband was holding me under my arms supporting me as I squatted to the ground with the last few big pushes. On the last push she plopped into the arms of the midwife and I sat on the mat with my husband cuddled me from behind. A very special moment That i hope I get to experience in the coming week when my second baby arrives.

Hi all.
When I had my first daughter her heart rate went up really high and the only way to keep it down was to lay on my back. Which was extremely uncomfortable and painful for me but you do what you need to for your baby. Thankfully I had a fairly short labour. The most calming thing for me then was when I smelled my mums perfume when she walked into the room. I gave birth with my feet in the stirrups.
With daughter #2 I sat on the edge of the bed for a while then laid down on my back. The midwives told me to get up my knees and lean on the back of the bed to move things along a bit quicker. Then I was on my back again for the birth. It was the most comfortable position for me.
You can plan what you want to do all you like but once you go into labour your body takes over and you might not do anything that you planned.
I am pregnant with our third baby and can't wait to go into labour. I love the experience, there's nothing like it. I have read some great ideas that I might try this time round.
Good luck to all the expectant mums and dads out there
smile xo


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