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Wanted to share my birth story :) Rss

So it started Tuesday night. Around 7.30 I was laying on the couch cuddling DS who had just fallen asleep and i started getting little niggles.
I thought not much of it as they seemed to be a bit irregular coming every 7 minutes, then 11.
At 8pm I decided I should call DP who was at a friends house rang and said 'i don't think you will have to go to work tomorrow because I think the baby might be here' But still wasn't 100% convinced things were happenning.
So he got home and I was pacing the house still trying to figure out if this was actually it and if I was in labour.
More pacing, bit of rocking on all fours on the bed with DP standing behind me putting presure on my lower belly to relieve some discomfort.
I jumped in the shower at about 9pm and had just the hot water on and had it aimed at my belly.
At around 9.30 I was still handling the discomfort but thought it was time to go to the hospital as the contractions seemed to be getting closer (every 3 or 4 minutes) that and the hot water had run out.
I was dreading the car ride and made DP push on my lower belly for the next few contractions that came before we left for the hospital.
Lucky the hospital is a not even 10 minute trip down the road. I had two contractions in the car that putting my head out the window and breathing in the cold air deeply seemed to help.
Got to hospital and was saying to DP as we headed to the maternity ward that I hope they don't send us home.
Got into the birthing suite and was 7cm !
Jumped straight into the shower and stayed in there for quite a while
Got out and spent the last 3 or 4 contractions leaning over the bed head rocking.
I just kept breathing and telling myself the baby was going to be here soon and that I could do it !
The only time it felt unbearable was when I told myself I wanted the pain to go away, as long as I kept telling myself the pain was for a purpose I was able to stay in control.
Started pushing (ouchieessss!!!!!!!!!) and 7 minutes later with no rips or tears our beautiful new baby boy was born at 10.53 weighing 8 pound 15 !!!
I got the drug free birth I wanted and am absolutely smitten with our new bundle of joy smile

Congrats!!! A great birth story enjoy your little one.

Congrats!! Amazing smile well done!

Yay! Congrats!!! What a great birth story! Enjoy every minute!! grin

Wow you did so well! Congratulations smile

Well done! Congrats on your little man! What's his name? smile

Wow you are one strong willed tough mumma! Well done! Congrats!

Oh that is amazing!
Funny thing is I am now just over 40wks with miss s asleep on my lap at 7pm at am experiencing funny twinges and am wondering Hmmmmmm is this it? Well only time will tell.

Thank you for sharing your story
congratulations smile

I'm so happy to hear a positive story so much like mine.... Only reason I even went to hospital with DS was because midwife stopped to see how I was on her way home - 7cms so off we went


Awww, what a lovely story. Congrats on your new bub smile

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