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Your experience being induced Lock Rss

Hi ladies
I was hoping that there was some mummies who could share their birth stories if you have been induced. Also anyone who gave birth naturally and via induction any stories would be greatly appreciated


Hi Zimbee,

I have had 2 induced labours. The first induction I would call pretty terrible, my waters were broken & cyntocin started immediately after, then BANG it was on! I had what felt like contraction on top of contraction with no breaks in between & I vomited the whole time. I ended up having an epidural after 6 hours (it was amazing, lol) and DS was born 1 1/2 hrs later. I was still able to feel the urge to push & pushed no problem.
The second induction was much more pleasant (as far as labor goes). I had my waters broken & they gave me an hour to get going on my own - fail! Cyntocin started, no vomiting, dilated quite quickly, still quite intense but not nearly as traumatic, had breaks between contractions. Had an epidural, 10 minutes later bubs was born. Labor was only 2 3/4 hrs.

I have never gone into labour naturally, but from what I can gather the worst thing about induction is that there is no easing into labour, it just hits you like a ton of bricks & it's on. I would have dearly loved to be home & start labour, but wasn't to be.
Yeah thats what i have been told!
I went drug free with my first labour as it wasnt so fast and i had time to adjust!
I'm starting to get a bit scared now of how painful it will be!
Im being induced next week and now starting to worry a bit :/

My_little_dazzler wrote:

DOn't get too worried darl. Everyone's labour is different!!

I was induced a day after my due date due to high BP. I wish I coul db epositive for you but my labour was a nightmare O.o I started at 7 and from the beginning to the end I wasn't out till 11:50 pm. I had plans to move around, go in the shower. I couldn't do any of it as the pain was just abit too much for me. I was in and out of unconsciousness and pretty much had problem after problem >.< I ended up having an epidural which ended up kinking anyway so was pretty much a waste of time. Was good for the 10 minutes it lasted lol but in the end I ended up having a beautiful baby smile

Yes true and the midwife said it may be easier or at least quicker being my second but after all the appointments and info they gave me i think its the best thing to do for me and bubs so im happy to do it if it means a better outcome, im just so worried that i won't cope and i am so scared of having needles that an epi wouldnt even be on my list of considerations because the idea of that big needle scares me more than labour! sad Hopefully everything just goes smoothly!

You are prob right! I think in that position everything will seem a million times better than those pains you get!!! But so looking forward to finally holding my baby!!!!! i will just keep that in my head!!!

Thanks so much mywinterdaisy!
I had to have the gas last time when i was being stitched up as i had a bad tear with DD due to her having her hands above her head! It made my whole body feel like i was vibrating off the table and i passed out cause it made me panic why that was happening! So the gas was a bit scary for me last time!!!

Hahahahaha Yeah DH said i turned a weird grey colour and then white and as he went to tell the nurse i passed out!! LOL He was so worried the poor thing he asked me to never have it again as i was so panicked the whole time it was more upsetting than watching me in pain from the labour! I agree it really knocks you back a few steps, i kept forgetting where i was and then remembering and every few minutes kept yelling "where is my baby?" DH had her but i kept forgetting!!! It was terrible!
Yeah i cant wait to post up a picture!! smile

I have been induced twice due to some medications I take.

The first one was fairly shocking. Just because nobody told me how full on it was going to be. They tried to break my waters first but couldn't so they started me on the drip. Less than 5 minutes later I was in full labour, no break between contractions. I couldn't have an epi so I just had gas and I was horrified at how painful it was and didn't cope very well. But my dd1 was born just under two hours later and it was all over and forgotten.

My second labour they decided to put me on the drip first. I was on the drip for three hours and they kept doubling the dose but they couldn't get me into established labour. So they brole my waters. It was on after that and dd2 was born 37 minutes later! I coped better second time around because I knew how full on it would be and I was a bit more mentally prepared.

Induction isn't much fun, but I haven't heard of anybody having a fun, painfree labour regardless of the circumstances!

I just wanted to wish you good luck for next week, The time seems to have flown.

With dd1 I went into labour naturally after my waters broke but after 13 hours only had dialated to 3cm's. They then decided to give me the oxytocin drip to speed things up. Lucky for me I also had an epidural at the same time.
After 18 hours and with the help of the vaccuum dd1 arrived.
Don't worry about the needles, I think pushing out the head without an epidural scares me more.
I'm sure you will be fine. smile

Thanks Ladies, Yeah i think im hoping it will at least be a bit quicker and i wont have to go thruogh it as long so maybe i will be ok! I'm not looking forward to it regardless of how i go so i guess you just roll with the contractions and handle it as best as you can smile

Agreed though it has gone quickly when i think back smile

Hi. I was induced, at my request, when I was 5 days over with bub (I was very much beyond it, and as it turned out the chances of me actually going into effective labour for that pregnancy was slim to none). I had my waters broken and syntocin started (sadly the clamp was still on the drip so it was an hour after the drip was 'started' before I actually recieved any drug). Once it started thought it was VERY full on. From recieveing the syntocin to Annabelle entering the world was 6 hours.

2 hours in first stage where the gas and a bit of bouncing on the birth ball was enough (I couldn't walk around like I has planned as I was hooked up the the CTG). After a while I had to get back on the bed though because of bubs and my position on the ball she was starting to have decellerated heart rate.

2 Hours of 2nd stage, right from the start of this stage I needed something more then gas. I went first for pethadine (did not work at all for me, next time I won't be wasting my time with it) then an epidural, which was AMAZING! It was only put up at a low rate, so I was using it with the gas (but not a huge amount of either as they worked wonders in tandem).

I never had the urge to push, but that is normal not matter if you have an epidural or not, so I was kind of suprised when they told me I could start pushing if I wanted. After 2 hours of pushing (the last 40min of which she was very much stuck and they had the suction forceps in hand....somehow I found enough strength for one mighty push and she moved just enough to start her final phase of delivery) I had my beautiful little girl.

With all things considered it probably could have gone better for me....but it also could have gone so much worse! Because it was all so fast I did kind of feel like I was hit by a train, and looking back I wish I had not been so bull headed and asked for the epidural earlier. smile
Hi, everybody is different I've only had one delivery so far but am so nervous about the next one due to how easy my first was....

I was six days over and was well and truly over being pregnant In late December, I elected to be
Induced this is how my experience went..,,

I checked into hospital the night before, in anti natal I had a doctor and midwifes monitoring me, they placed the gel on my cervix at around 7pm that night... I went to sleep no pain, no contractions etc... Woke. At around 6.30am to contractions, I was checked and I was progressing fast, I was moved to birthing suite and after just 3 hours of labour and 40mins pushing with no pain relief and no stitches only slight grazing welcommed my 8lb 11oz baby girl into the world..we were home 26hrs after she was born smile

I think personally if bub is nearly ready to come anyway your body is much better prepared then if being induced before bub is ready.... I also believe that trying to stay calm and not become hysterical helped me... I mean it's easier said then done when in that much pain.... Good luck & hope your experience was as good as mine smile
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