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Can i ask to be induced? Lock Rss

I honestly wouldn't ask to be induced so early. Baby still has plenty of time to grow and mature.
I got induced a week early with DS2 because he was transverse. They could always turn him into position very easily but he just refused to stay that way.

I was having some contractions at the time and they decided to induce because if I went into labour spontaneously and he was still transverse there was the risk of cord prolapse. So for me they turned (nudged) him into position then induced. Definitely talk to your Dr about your options. They may not induce you at 36 weeks, but they would certainly monitor it and induce early if they felt it was a risk. Having said that they usually consider anytime from 37 weeks to be full term so it may just be the matter of having to wait an extra week.

i would try not to stress yet. smile You could try positioning

check with your doc first though in case you have a medical issue that means you shouldn't be doing these exercises. I wouldn't stress until you are closer to 36 weeks though.
I'm 31 weeks as well and was talking to the midwife and OB today about bubs position. They said it's still a bit too early for bubs head to engage and that wouldn't happen for a few more weeks, so I wouldn't worry too much at this stage. They should check your bubs position at your 36 week appointment, so if bubs hasn't engaged yet, then it would be a good idea to ask about your options, which may be to turn bubs smile
I wouldn't be worried just yet either. From my understanding bubs can wait to engager until around 38-39 weeks.

(Noddy's not fat ffs!)

babies don't normally stay engaged from this point. It is still quite early..... most only start going head down from 29-30 weeks and most are head down by 36 weeks. I think you are worrying unnecessarily at this point.
In first labours bubs are usually engaged before labour, but not all and in subsequent labours babies often engage once in labour.

remember the uterus is a muscle. when you are stressed your muscles tense up. Maybe you should try doing some relaxation techniques and see if that helps. But it really is still very early to be worried about not moving. lots of babies are still deciding what they are doing at this point so you can't really assume what he has done up until this point will dictate what he will do for the rest of the pregnancy. smile
Kaylahc wrote:
I am 31 weeks along with a unsteady lie baby and at my next hospital appt on the 13 sept i will be 36 weeks. Can i ask for a induction if at that appt they have to turn him to stay head down? I really am struggling with him always spinning around and i am really concerned that i my waters might break and he would be stuck sideways sad This is my second pregnancy.

speaking from experience, they wont induce you - the exact same thing happened to my sister, and her bub was the wrong way so ended up being a c sect

i wanted to be induced too cos i had an antenatal on the tues and i was 3 cm dilated and on the friday, when my waters broke, saturating 2 beds, 6 mat pads and my clothes, they wanted to send me home and wait it out.

hope you have better luck!
i think that you are getting a bit worked up about something that may not happen too...

my DD was breech (i know it's not trans, but just a story), then at 38 weeks she turned on her own, head down, but didnt engage or 'drop' until i was actually in labor

I honestlly wouldnt start worrying about it until you are closer to your due date & your Dr's will be sure to offer you your best options.

I also agree with OC about the relaxation. you could try some accupuncture/pressure for relaxation & to try to turn baby.

good luck.
Definitely too early to worry. My 2nd and now 3rd Bub were transverse till about 33 weeks at which point they both went head down (woke-up and my tummy was sticking out way more than when I went to bed). OB was not concerned in the slightest, said he'd only start thinking about it if they were still transverse at 36weeks.

Both of my previous bubs did not engage until I was well and truly in labour, despite this labour started naturally both times. I don't expect this bub to engage either, 4 days to go and she is still riding high smile

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