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How do you deal with a controlling Midwife Rss

My due date is 8/09/2006. I had my book in appointment at the Hospital today and provided the midwife with my birth plan. The midwife said nothing at the time about my birth plan not being adheard to, but did say that some of my birth plan was pushing the boundaries (this was totally untrue), with a normal delivery there is no need to hook a woman up to an IV and a woman does not have to labour on a bed. I came home, thought for a while, then phoned the midwife to ask what boundaries were being pushed and she told me that 75% of my birth plan would not be adheard to. I had great arguements with her, and are now wondering what to do as my labours and births are very quick and as I live in country victoria this is the nearest hospital for me and the only one my OB practices at. She was one controlling woman, anyone would think that she was the one having the baby. Can anyone out there give me some advice? Or has anyone had a similar experience and what did you do?
Jo (Country Victoria), expecting another little boy
All i can say is that you're the one having this baby, not her! You'll be the one who goes through the labour and pain and if you have a birth plan to make it a little bit more comfortable then stuff her! Sorry but i hate controlling people especially when they're not in your position.
Shes probably quite old fashioned and is trying to influence your decision by controlling you!
You should put your foot down, and tell her she will only be consulted when asked.

Good luck!!!
Jo, I sooo hope you don't get this midwife (she seems VERY out of touch).

No photo's, what's that all about??
no mirror (they practically beg you to have a look these days!!)

How big is the hospital? I would request a visit with another midwife and discuss your feelings with them and let them know what happened.

Given that it is your 3rd birth you will probably be in more control than you think. You mention that you don't want to labour in a bed or be hooked up to a drip, is this your experience? Maybe you you should find out a bit more as to why those things occured last time?
Don't forget each birth is different (you probably already know this having had 2).
You deffinately need to feel comfortable so the sooner you get it sorted the sooner you can relax about it and be comfortable when the day arises.

Make sure you let us know how things go and if you get to speak to someone else (I'm curious to know if you get the same response from the other midwives)

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