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how long did you push for?when did you start pushing? Lock Rss

I when i got to 10cm i started pushing, my waters were still intact. They were dribbling out but bulging. 3 hours after the first glimpse of the head and intense pushing i finally delivered my baby.
My friend had her waters broken at 5cm and pushed for half a hr and delivered posterior
How did yours go?
I started pushing 7 hours after my waters broke themselves and pushed for 1 hour smile

DD I was induced (waters broken and drip) and pushed for 1hr 45mins. DS waters broken when I was 7cm and pushed for 15mins.
One girl Iknow pushed for 6hrs, yes 6hrs and her waters broke at the beginning of labour.

About 5 mins for dd and 10 mins for ds.

I started pushing at 31 hours, pushed for 15 mins with a little help from a half working vacuum.

I started pushing at 10cm. 1 hr after waters broke spontaneously at 8cm.
I pushed for 45 mins

wow i think i was fairly lucky!

#1 water broke at start of labour, began pushing after 4.5hrs, pushed for 40mins

#2 water broke middle of labour, began pushing after 3hrs, pushed for 15mins

#3 laboured for 2hrs, began pushing with waters intact..they tsunamied onto the floor and DS 'fell out' lol i think i pushed for 5mins before my membranes ruptured
With both my girls the urge to push when it came was so overwhelming there was no way I could not push. With DD1 I pushed about 5 times over about 10-15 minutes. With DD2 I pushed once and she came out with a single go. The midwife said it was like birthing a lamb! She came out in a mighty gush (and a second degree tear as a thanks for the effort).

DS - tried pushing he wouldn't budge, had em c-section.

DD1 - pushed for around 25mins (after around 12hrs of labour).

DD2 - pushed for about 10 - 15mins (after around 16hrs of labour).
When i as 10cm i had my water's broken that was around 2.30am and i pushed fo 2 hours and delivered my little DD at 4.47am. Longest 2 hours of my Bl**dy life i tell you.
My first pregnancy i pushed 2 after my waters broke as they broke at 8cm but only pushed for 6 mins!
This time bubs got stuck as i had a few issues and wasnt dilating correctly due to his position, so very suddenly it felt like he fell and i had to push straight away! But only pushed for 13 mins!

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