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Essential oils to bring on labour ??? Lock Rss

hi all im 36wks preg and starting to look into some natural ways to hellp bring on labour. Not right now of course id like to start a few days before my due date.

Which oils did u use?
How did they work for u?
And any tips or hints u can pass onto me smile

hey!! i used lavender spike oil and accupressure, the accupressure was the best, hubby learns all the spots and there are heaps for when ur in labour too to manage pain and even a really good one he still uses on me for nausea! look them up on youtube!

i used clary sage, but i dont think it helped - she was quite comfy...
lol thanks ladys smile i was wanting to look into reflexoligy i think it called to do with ur feet could be acupressure i have no idea lol hear the sage is good i was thinking if giving it a go.when should i start using the oils? on sunday ill have 3wks to go til my due date. i was thinking a week before i dont want to bring it on too early lol
I did accupuncture, not exactly what you're asking but I found it to be effective. Have also heard that evening primose oil can work

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i dont have access to acupuncture ( live in the country ) smile have heard awsome things about it would love to have things like that close by! primrose oil a lady bought some of that yest at the health store saying it was going to help her i thought id come hm n do my research 1st lol smile i officially have 3wks to go today :? llol but wont use any oils etc until i have 1wk to go as much as i want our bub out on time dont want him too early deff want to make sure he is baked to perfection smile
i used evening primrose oil. about 3 days after i started using it i went into labour, not sure if it was a coincedence or it actually worked. smile

I used the clary sage essential oil.It is said it gives relieve pain and promote labor to help ease childbirth and delivery.
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