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another question... going overdue Lock Rss

My first was 10 days overdue
My second was 9 days overdue
I'm expecting the same with this bub laugh laugh

Second birth was quicker than my first but a lot more painful grin

DD1 was 39+4 natural birth. DD2 was 38+4 elective c-section. smile
I can't believe you're nearly there Thea. How exciting. smile

DD came on her due date and DS was 9 days early, both spontaneous labours. I'm a gestational diabetic so I know I won't be allowed to go past my due date with this pregnancy. I just have to wait and see if they'll give me time to try and go into labour spontaneously again this time or if they'll induce, all depends on how my sugar levels keep tracking really, so far so good though.

My first was 13 days late, my second was 1 day early and my third was born on her due date.
Ds1 born at 42 weeks exactly. Ds2 born at 39+4.
Waiting for Ds1 was horrendous! If one more person said havent you had that baby yet.....

My first was induced 11 days overdue
My second came naturally 4 days overdue

1st - 14 days over due date and induced
2nd - 13 days after due date and induced
3rd - 1 day early and induced due to GD so who knows but He would have gone late based on my cervix when they induced me

Good luck for your last few weeks smile

1st at 38 weeks
2nd at 38 weeks
3rd at 30 weeks
4th at 35 weeks
I am currently overdue with my first (40+4)
First was 40 + 3. Hoping this one is a bit earlier, though more than likely I will be induced on or before due date this time

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1st - 38+5
2nd - 40+2
3rd - 41+2

My 2nd was born 2 yrs after my first and I was only overdue by 4 days as my 1st was 2 weeks overdue.
And 3rd was 6 days overdue and yes all boys.
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