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Antenatal Classes? Rss

I'm just wondering how many of you went to antenatal classes.

I don't think that I'm going to bother with them because I think they will just freak me out.

If you didn't go, did you regret it or if you did, did they help?

I don't know anyone who has been to them. I'll think I'll skip them.

We went to them, they were very informative, although I didn't agree with everything said there. I found they were most helpful for my DF as he didn't really want to read any pregnancy books and the information really stuck through the classes. Also here in NZ a lot of your antenatal classes will lead onto mum and baby classes and coffee groups, which can be really useful if you don't have many friends with kids, or babies around the same age as yours will be. smile

Mimsey wrote:
My midwife guilted me HARD about going with DS, I still refused I did't want to be the only solo person there (I was told be best to take my birthing partner to them as well)

And then with DD my midwife (different one) went to ask and then piped up "oh you've been through childbirth I don't see the need unless you feel like you missed out not going the first time??" I still didn't go and her jokey tone made me feel really good about not going smile

That sucks it should be totally up to you, your midwife shouldn't make you feel bad for any of your decisions. I think antenatal classes are way more beneficial for the dads anyway tbh. But it is a good support network with people and babies at the same stage as you.

I went to two (of six I think ) for me it was two things that stopped me going.. one I had to try get home have dinner and get there within an hour and we were late both times itwas a bit much for me that pregnant and ds came five week's early lol I wouldn't have gone back anyway I was the youngest there and have quite a good friend network with bubs grin
My DP and I have just finished all of ours. I loved them I found out so much stuff and have even made friends with another lady around the same age as me. I didn’t agree with everything they told us but it’s nice to know what options you have. Plus we got a full tour of the ward and I got a glimpse of some beautiful babies smile
DH and I went to them, and loved it. Our teacher was really funny and very relaxed ("You're not sick, you're just pregnant"). I learnt quite a few things I didn't know, but mostly I found the classes great for preparing DH. And for meeting new people who will be in the same boat as you.

It pays to ask around for recommended classes though, they are not all the same.
No didn't go & no regrets. You can ask your doc or midwife any questions & I decided the babies going to come out some way or another & childbirth is completely unpredictable so do I really need "lessons?"

We went to the Calmbirth weekend (organised and paid for ourselves) and I found it hugely beneficial for the actual birth, and not a scary birth video in sight!!
There is no baby care/breastfeeding info in this course so I have just researched myself on this and made sure I have plenty of support avaliable..
Midwives still tried to talk us into going to the antenatal classes at the hospital, but we decided against it as we didn't want info re pain relief/complications etc as I am planning not to use any (though I am a nurse, so know what is out there risk/benefit etc)
I think that it is entirely up to to if you go or not, don't feel pressured and look around because there could be something that suits your needs.. good luck smile
DH and i went to one class out of the six and he hated it and really didnt want to go back so we didnt. everything they talked about at the class i already knew anyway cause i had read it all in books. i was fine with not going back to the class as i wasnt the bigest fan but now i regret it.
i regret not going cause i dont have a coffee group and hardly any friends with babies the same age as DS. i have met two lovely ladies on huggies that have babies around the same age as DS that i have met for coffee.
my SIL went to antenatal and she is always going on about going to coffee groups and hanging out with the other mums and i just feel a bit jealous that i dont have that.

Ours start in a couple of weeks so will let you know then...DH is coming with me but not sure if he will go to all of them or not.

I'm not too fussed on meeting other people with bubs around same age as I already have a lot of friends n family due around the same time as me, guess u can never have too many friends though lol.

Thanks for all the replies.

I think I'll give them a miss. I pretty much know what's going to happen anyway, I've been
reading heaps, watching all those shows on Foxtel and I was with my friend when she had
her baby so I'm ok with not going.

The main reason that I would probably go would be to meet other mums to be but I'm thinking
of joining a mums group anyway. I've already done a full tour of the hospital that I am booked into and
they give you lessons on how to look after baby when you have it.

I'm planning on getting an epidural anyway so hopefully I can get that and I'll be all numb and won't
care what they have to do to

I do however need to book into a first aid course for babies, that is a must.

Yup I am doing a baby/children's first aid course on Sat, should be good.

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