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Pain relief options during labour??? Lock Rss

Can anyone help me??

Does anyone know if the pain relief options, apart from gas, are opiate based?
I'm getting very worried as i can't have anything containing opiates. I'm 35 weeks with my first baby and petrified as i have a very low pain threshold. I really would like a vaginal birth and pain relief drugs. All the strong ones are probably opiates which wouldn't leave me with many options. This is all very scary for me. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Jenni, mum of Shanaye born 13-11-2004.

Hi Jenni,

I know it's scary the first time around because you don't know what to expect. I don't know about opiates. I've had 2 of my babies with no drugs, 1 with pethadine and the other 3 with only gas.

I would suggest that at your next visit with the midwives, you speak to them about your pain relief options. They will be able to give the best advice for your situation, and you'll be able to go home and consider your options before the big day.

As every birth is different, I always have gone in with an open mind. If I can manage through the contractions with breathing and focusing techniques, then that's great. If that's not working then I'll ask what are my options for the stage of labour I'm at. Some drugs like pethadine, you can't be given too late in labour as it does pass through to the baby. Perhaps you could ask about an epidural. I have never wanted to use this form of pain relief but it might be a good option for you.

Most of all, don't worry yourself too much about it. You'll do fine and like most of the rest of us, you'll probably go back and do it all again one day.

Hi Barb,

Thanks for your reply. I did ask the midwives and they couldn't help me, unfortunately, so that's why i've asked for help here. I can't have pethadine or morphine so that may even include the epidural as it may contain morphine. I don't know. It looks like i'll be having a drug free birth. I'll have to get used to the idea. Thanks again Barb for your reply.

Jenni, mum of Shanaye born 13-11-2004.

hi Jenni,

can you use the gas? I don't like the other options, so I stick to gas or nothing. Even when I had a posterier baby, I only used gas. Although now I look back on it, I can't understand why I didn't demand something better.

Hi Jenni I could be completely wrong but I don't think that epidurals contain any opiates. They are more of a nerve blocking thing?! Pethidine makes me spew but I had gas and then an epidural with no problems. If the midwives don't know (which they should) then tell them to find out for you that is their job. Goodluck

Kelly,QLD, boy 23.01.03 and girl 08.04.05

I still know nothing about the pain relief options i have. I went to my 36 week checkup with the doctor and he could'nt even help me. I was very distressed with him and got quite rude and abrupt due to his lack of knowledge. He works with pregnant people everyday so should know. Oh well, i guess i'll have to go with the flow of labour and let nature take it's course. I have no idea what to expect. Thanks for all your help. You helped me more than the doctors............

Jenni, mum of Shanaye born 13-11-2004.

Hi Jenni,

I am not sure if this will help but the following website can give you some information you are after. The site can also be used as a tracking guide as to what your baby is doing etc.

I get weekly emails sent to me letting me know what my toddler should be doing etc.

It is American but a useful tool, you can even email experts who may be able to help.

Hi Sally,

Thanks for the website. I had a brief look and found some useful information. I'll have a proper look when bubs lets me sit down for long enough. ha.ha. She's lodged herself under my ribs so I can't sit for long periods. Thanks again.

Jenni, mum of Shanaye born 13-11-2004.

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