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My waters broke!!! - Updated with photos Lock Rss

Oooh how exciting! Good luck!

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looks like it won't be long now , how exciting.
The back ache you have will be your body moving things along too smile
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Mum Of 3 Cuties wrote:
Broken is today's May photo challenge topic grin not sure any of us can beat this one!!!

lol MO3C grin

good luck Tori, hopefully not too much longer to go!!!

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Good luck Tori smile
How exiting! Good luck!

ooooooo YAY!!! how exciting! all the best Tori! hope it all goes well.

yay! very exciting. hopefully things go reasonably quickly for you now. Looking forward to your birth announcement.

Mum Of 3 Cuties wrote:
What is the time where you are now Tori?

had a google and looks like 7.14am...... hopefully something good is happening right now grin
maybe pushing out a baby? or even better... newborn baby cuddles!

Tori-93 wrote:
Sorry I'm not getting emails.
Its 7 30am, about to have a shower and havebbreakfast lol. Waters are still going its horrible.

i had mine leaking for hours. waters broke at 1am and they were leaking all day.... didnt pay much attention when we got to the hospital at 2.30pm so dont know when they stopped.

any contractions yet??

Yay! grin

dont worry..... by the end of the day you will be holding your gorgeous daughter. grin

Good luck and hopefully things start progressing for you smile

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