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whats your opinion on Ipswich hospital? Lock Rss

Hey ladies ive just moved to redbank plains and have booked into ipswich hospital to have my third child. Let me know your opinion and experiences... btw does it have birthing tubs?
Was hoping you had a reply! Im booked into Ipswich to have our 4th and been trying to find out about the hosp.
i now you ladies posted a few hours ago but been out she a Bit, I dont not have a high oponion on ipswich, I did not have DD2 there she was born at st andrews, I have been into ipswich twice once on the general ward, then when I was 27 weeks with DD2 I was not able to stop throwing up not able to keep water down anything i was fianaly after 6 hours admitted via maternity they all just looked at me strange told me to just keep drinking water and even after I was crying as i was in pain from throwing up so much i think it was about 12 hours before they put me on a drip and then 24 hours later no blood tests nothing not even seen by a doctor I was told that if i did not stop throwing up they would take the baby out. so i got out of there as quick as i can forced food down my throat and ended up in st andrews 2 days later where they worked out the problem, the other time ( way before dd2) i was sent via my doctor with a letter via emergency with blood sugar levels hugh enough for a person in acoma and they just looked at me funny like it was a joke, i even hate there outpatients i changed everything to private, I was even told by exact after finding out the loss of our baby at 14 weeks that I was better off waitng for my OB the next day as chances are if i went to emergency at ipswich they would just send me home anyway.

there is probably some one out there with something nice to say about the place but not me

Hey, I had my first at Ipswich hospital little over 3 years ago and I'm due to have my second bub at Ipswich on the 24th of June. When I was pregnant with my first I had terrible morning sickness and Ipswich hospital were horrible for treating me for it they just kept sending me home with yet another prescription for maxalon which was not working for me at all. I was 1 week overdue and terribly uncomfortable and had been getting false labour for 2 weeks and they refused to induce me. When they finally induced me, everything was going great. The midwives and doctors were amazing, I was very happy with how I was looked after while in labour. I ended up having to have an emergency cesarean and I was still looked after very well. With this pregnancy I yet again suffered really bad morning sickness and they diagnosed me with hypermesis and was put on zofryn straight away so I'm much happier something was actually done this time. I'm booked in for a cesarean on the 24th of June and can honestly say I'm looking forward to having bub there as I know I will be looked after smile


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