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Im due to be induced in a week.. this is my second baby and I was induced with the first so I really don't want it to happen again. Id love to know what it feels like to go into labour on my own but my doctor doesn't think its going to happen! Does anyone have any SAFE ways to help bring on labour?
Thanks smile
Oh your lucky! Im hoping for the same smile
Hi there,
You can refuse to be induced. It should only be done for a medical reason and going a little bit over your edd is not really a medical reason. Its usually the policy of the ob or hospital. Does your ob genuinely think you are going to just be pregnant forever unless they intervene. Of course you would go into labour on your own if you have the time and freedom to do so. Being given a deadline "you must go into labour before this time or else I will have to induce you" can just cause stress and can be reason alone not to go into spontaneous labour. I would be telling your ob you will discuss induction when you are 2 weeks over your edd. Don't even think about it until then and even then I would be opting for monitoring first. You WILL go into labour on your own. Don't let yourself get caught up in their policies.
With my first I went into labour the day before my induction was booked for. My second it was 2 days before induction date.
I think I tried everything (except castor oil) to try to bring on labour with no2. And I started trying from 37 weeks. I started raspberry leaf capsules and Evening primrose oil from 30 weeks. Apparently the EPO makes your membranes thinner so that there is more chance your waters will break on their own.
With DD2 my first contraction was full on and came from no where, I nearly fell to the ground in pain. They continued like that until she was in my arms 3.5 hours later.
Good luck - hope it happens ASAP for you! I know and HATE that overdue feeling so sending huge 'sympathies'.
My SIL had accupuncture and went into labour 11 hours later. I am going to try that with my next one if I go over by more than a week again. I hear lots of good 'i went into labour because of accupuncture' stories!

Oh thank you smile I was told my body couldn't go into labour by itself and it has been stressing me out a bit but hopefully I do! I've put my appointment off a few days to give myself more of chance.. Hoping something happens soon ! smile
really? unless you have some super rare medical condition you WILL go into labour on your own. The risks start to increase from 42 weeks which is why they like you to be induced before then. You can always opt for monitoring instead. I think delaying your appt is a great idea. You just need to remember you are in charge of this.
All the best!
I was induced with my first and now 34 with #2 hoping to go naturally also.. I'm going to try EPO, raspberry leaf tea and anything else that is meant to work haha
I was induced with my first and now 34 with #2 hoping to go naturally also.. I'm going to try EPO, raspberry leaf tea and anything else that is meant to work haha
hey there,
raspberry leaf tea won't induce you, it is mainly used to tone the uterus and is used over a long period of time. You can take it all through the third trimester.
All the best!
Im getting induced in 5 weeks, if baby hasnt come naturally or if its an emergency. Feeling nervous already about it, but its to higher risk to let the pregnancy continue naturally since i have developed diabetes and on insulin. But since DH works off shore we dont want to try and encourage baby to come early naturally either as hes comming home the day we are being induced.

I'm 39 weeks and 4 days and haven't been anxious about birth till now, mainly because I don't want to be induced!! Getting so impatient ;(
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