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failed induction Rss

I had a failed induction at 9 days overdue and ended up with c section - have been told will probably have same issues again next time. anyone out there who has had failed inducation. or had this first time and now had a second child. did you have same prob with second one?

robert 15 feb 06 qld

I had a failed induction, on my due date, as I suffered from sciatica real bad. Jackson had been right down on the cervix for a week or more but it was just not thinning enough. It was like he wanted to come out but the cervix wasn't gonna ever open. I had the gel at 8am and dilated 1cm in a few hrs. Just enough to break waters. My cervix was apparently unresponsive. Then terrible contractions started. Kept geting checked all day and by that evening they started the drip and kept turning it up cause the contractions slowed. I was in agony with the contractions every minute or so. Ended up having to have epidural for the pain cause I couldn't cope. By 8:30pm, I had not dilated any more than 1.5cm. We felt it was inevitable to have the ceaser even though Jackosn was doing fine. I was relieved to have the ceaser cause it was just not happening. At 9:00pm we had Jackson via c section, and all was well. My ob said this may happen again next time.
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